Sunday, February 3, 2013

Public Speaking Monday: Group Story Telling with a Twist

We all know how important public speaking is. The ability to present information to a group of others is an essential professional, and personal skill. So lets watch this short video, before we start the group activity:  It is 5 Basic Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking.

Today's public speaking activity is:

1. Form three groups and review your groups word list (6 words).
2. Make up an impromptu story with your group using the words provided. The group story has to be three minutes long. You are not limited to those words but you need to use them in your story.
3. Come up with a hasty story ans rehearse & time it.

Group One Word List:
Oak Chair, Bikini, Sled, Penetrating Gaze, Biking, Frustrated                                                                                              

Group Two Word List:
Lemonade, Explosives, Humorous, Handicapped, Artwork, Green

Group Three Word List:
Porsche, Tubing, Exhausted, Pencil, Flatulence, Marriage

Good Luck in the drill.

HOMEWORK:  Post your first name & class period and post what is your public speaking strength and your public speaking weakness by tomorrow in the comment section of this blog. 


  1. It is becoming pretty apparent that as upperclassmen in periods 2,4,6, and 7 you are getting more comfortable with impromptu public speaking. A trend is some of your groups didn't adhere to the time constraint (has to be 3 minutes long) and some groups did. Also, a rehearsal of any kind is better than no rehearsal at all. I also like how some groups collaborated in how you sequenced speakers to play to the strengths and weaknesses of group members.

  2. I feel that my strenght is that im a really talktive person and it helps cause i can talk about a certain topic for a while. And well my weakness is that im some times shy and i get alot of nervousness when i talk infront of people that know me. Im better infront of strangers

  3. Krogh, period 2

    My public speaking strength is being able to improvise and not worry about the opinion of the crowd.

  4. Per:4
    my public speaking strength is that i am talkative person but my weakness is that i do have a problem with nervous and being shy in front of people. hopefully i will be able to overcome it during my stay in JROTC.