Monday, February 11, 2013

Someone Else Speaking For A Change...Tuesday Feb 11, 2013

Every Monday you have had to participate in some public speaking activity, this week I am going to give you a break. This week you just need to listen and take notes. The speaker is Doctor Benjamin Carson, who is the head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is one of the world's most accomplished surgeons and was born into poverty and raised by a single mother. The National Prayer Breakfast is an annual event held in Washington, DC at the National Cathedral. It is attended by the President of the US and the First Lady. Specifically listen to what he says about the importance and value of education. Think of these questions in relation to your report card you received today:

  1. How seriously do you take your education? 
  2. Do you understand the value your education has on your future success and the quality of your life? 
  3. Do you believe your grades (and associated G.P.A.: Grade Point Average) are a reflection of how much or how little you value your education?   

Homework Activity: I want you to post (first name & class period) your answers to those three questions after watching Dr. Carson speak in the comment section of this blog. The quality of your answer will be reflected in your grade. This homework is due by your next class period on Wednesday.

NOTE: Only about 6 of my students responded to the homework posting assignment for the Stress Management blog which means those that didn't will receive an "F" for that homework assignment given on last Friday and due by this Monday. That is UNSAT folks. If we are going to bring you into the 21st century, you have to learn to incorporate technology into your learning process. Remember the video SHIFT HAPPENS...With the snowday you have until Wednesday to make that Stress Management posting as well or you keep the grade of "F".


  1. Sabrina period 4,
    I take my education really seruious its important for me to have. I understand the value of my education should be positive for my future success and it will help me through out life having the qualities i need to know. I do believe that my grades and GPA are a reflection on how much or little i value my education i know that i may not give my full effort at times but im changing that around to be better like i know that i can.

    1. Continually reassessing how you are performing academically and re-committing to perform to your capability is important.

  2. Anshise
    Period 2

    I take my education seriously because without education I won’t succeed in life. With education I could make my dream of becoming a social worker true. Yes, I understand the value of my education because if I want to have a good future then I need to have a good education. There are certain skills to maintain in order to have a better future. Yes I do believe my grades are a reflection of how much I value my education that I why I try my best to get good grades.

    1. I can tell you value your education as you take it very seriously. You will make a phenomenal social worker some day.

  3. Nelson Mandela says, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Well...when it comes to education it's a serious matter to me. It's not something I joke with. I mean there's no way you gonna succeed without an education I mean it's not impossible but it's really difficult. And one thing I put in my mind is that there's no way I'm going to be succesful without struggles and hardships.
    People often said they want to change the world they want the world to be a better palce??? then they need to start By getting an education.
    I do believe that my grades and GPA are a reflection on how much or little I value my education that's why I make sure that I study, keep track with my homework and most importantly behave well so I don't get in trouble.

  4. Brendan
    Period 7

    1. I take my education seriously because I realize how it effects the rest of your life. I try to push myself in school but I know that I can always do more and be better prepared.

    2. Education effects your life to great extents. It negotiates how much you are paid, where you can work, what positions you can hold. The more academically qualified you are the more oppurtunities there will be in your future.

    3. Your grades are a reflection of how much you value your education to an extent. Because you don't have a 4.0 doesn't mean that you don't value your education. You may not have been able to attain it or you may not have the language skills you need. But as long as you try your hardest it doesn't matter how high your GPA is.

  5. A wise man once said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” When it comes to my education I take that very serious because education is the key to everyone success and without it your may not succeed in live. You may find a job but not the job you would have if you have an education. Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. I think that the world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page. Education has great value to me. I to do my best in everything, sometimes I feel as if my best is not enough, and I tried not to limit myself because I cannot afford to limit myself that wouldn’t help me to get to where I want to be in life. I do believe that my grades and GPA are a reflection of how much time I put on my studies.

  6. Folston (period 7)

    1) yes, I do take my education seriously because, when I graduate from high school i want to be a pilot in the army and have to pass a few test with high scores.
    2) I understand that whatever I do with my education it will take a toll on me because, in the future most high paying career jobs will consist of the S.T.E.M., which is science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.
    3) No, because numbers are numbers and if you dont get that 3.8 or, higher doesn't mean you can't be on the unsuccessful with education. like for example if i get a 2.5 on my gpa and walsh gets a 4.2, it wont make a difference. he could be smart in science but I can be smart in physics and become a high paying mechanic.

  7. R.Green-Younger(period 4)

    1) yes,i do take education very seriously because when i graduate high school i want to be a d1 football player/lawyer and i know in order to do one of these thing i have to get great grades that is why im always trying to improve
    2) i do understand the role education will play in my life especially if i want to be a lawyer and i know i will be competing with some of the top lawyers in the world
    3) yes i do believe that grade reflect how much or how little you value your education because if you really vauled your education then you will do everything in your power to reach enlightenment or become learned in your life.

  8. Juan Gonzalez Per. 6
    1) I think that no one really understands how important education really is until they have their first really check. After mine I realized the importance of education and came to the conclusion that it is indeed the key to success.
    2)I do understand the relation that education and QOL have. On average people who graduate from highschool earn 250,000 dollars more than one who doesn't.
    3) I Agree that its a reflection of the value of education but I don't think it reflects how smart someone is.

  9. Josh Gaines Period 4
    1)Not very seriously because I don't see much hope in my future.
    2)Of course I do.

  10. Nicole Period 4

    1. Education is very complicated. Because depending on where you receive your education may vary. Dr.Benjamin Carson said that education is freedom. I definitively agree in the sense that once you are educated you are able to make your own decisions. In that sense, i take my education very seriously because i want to be a better person. I want to be able to make my own decisions and have a reason behind my decisions. My education does not revolve around text books and teachers telling me what is science, what is math, what is history. I do believe it is incredibly important and is necessary. Learning by application is more important to me. So traveling the world and hearing different opinions, living history, these things help one come up with a more educated answer to solutions that are based on the things you learned from living experiences.

    2. I do understand that education will get me places that maybe experiencing wont. ^
    i also understand the way it is valued today. If you memorize the different test taking skills for the SATs, then you will be guaranteed a good college and later on a job. But the SAT's teaches a person nothing about common sense. Without education the world would be in poverty.

    3. My GPA is a reflection on the amount of effort i put into my school. Not my education. I learn everything i have to learn. I may not apply myself in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. But i learn, i do the work. There are those who dedicate every single minute of life to doing well in school then there is the ones who dont try at all. I am just under the line of dedicating every single moment to school.

    Dr. Benjamin Carson makes a good point about how society doesn't value education as much as it does sports. There should be a higher GPA minimum for Sports to make sure society values smart athletes. "raising the bar" for everyone in the world. Athletes and Entertainment are what society rewards the most, but it should be education that is rewarded the most.

  11. Tyron (Period 2)

    1. I feel that overall i do take my education seriously but at times my signals can get crossed and i can drift off track but as my father always says to me "education is the key to life" and i will never forget that
    2.Yes i do understand the value my education has on my future to sucess because if i dont succeed in school i cant go anywhere in life if i dont get my highschool diploma i cant even work at mcdonalds. That shows that not getting a proper highschool education you cant go anywhere in life , and maximizing my learning and getting the best grades that are possible can open up many doors for me and can give me many oppurtunities to experienece new things and expand my mind
    3. Yes i do agree that your grades reflect on you valuing your education because unless you have a disability there shouldnt be an excuss on why your not getting the best grades you can get.

  12. Michael Marangids - period 2
    1)yes I do take my education very series becuase if I didn't then I wouldn't be coming to school everyday on time and ready to work
    2)I know how far my education can take me and I realize how without education you can't become successful at anything you try to accomplish.
    3)I think that how hard you try reflects on your GPA. How much effort are you willing to put in your work shows how much you really care about what you are doing

  13. `Enock (period 6)

    1. I take my education seriously because regardless of the goal I have for the future, what I learn will always be with me. I am dismayed that in many instances our system is more about results than about progress, meaning I don't have to be educated in a single thing as long as my mark says I do. Anything can go down in the transcript, but 1/3rd of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives, 43 percent of college graduates do the same. So while I do take education seriously, with all due respect to educators, not much of what is being learned may even be important to many peoples lives.

    2. I do understand Educations value in my future, but the mark is most relevant. I don't have to learn math or be educated in biology, as long as I can retain knowledge for the next few months and do good on that final nothing else matters; nor will it matter in my future. It's the mark that counts for most people, although Education is what benefits you in the long run.

    3. I don't believe my marks fully reflect how much I value my education because it is about results, not learning. I learned much in my AP English class but I've gotten certain grades by the skin of my teeth despite how hard I tried. I simply didn't get the right result for my mark, it does not reflect how much I am learning. Everybody has a different capacity. I can make my mark reflect my value of education, I have before, I somewhat am now and I will do it again.

  14. Crystal Period 7
    I do take my education seriously, I also do understand that a good education can help me achieve and reach my future goals and can ultimately benefit me. However, I do not believe your GPA can give tell someone and show how much a person values and how serious they take their education. Just because I do horribly in a class or flunk my ap exam, that can hurt or heal my grade for the overall quarter, doesn't mean I don't put my best foot forward and push myself in every shape and form I know how. I can care really much and push myself to reach the goal I have set for myself, but a GPA is truly just a grad point average. It can only show you how well or how bad I am doing in a subject. It can not justify whether I care or work hard in that subject. Your actions in class and constant participation in the class can show you that how little or how much I value my education. Not the GPA.

  15. 1.I believe I take my education very seriously. It is an important factor in my life and I know that its what will get me ahead in life. However, I do not usually go above what is expected of me because I am not that interested in it as much as say athletics or keeping active.
    2.I understand that the harder I work now, the less ill have to work later in life because the education I will receive will bring me great opportunities to have the option to do what I want in the world.
    3.Yes my grades most certainly reflect how much I value education. I take it seriously so I maintain above a 3.0 GPA but because that is good enough to get into college, I don’t usually go above that. All of high school I have stayed within the 3.0 range and I believe it shows that I care but I don’t usually go overboard with my studies because I always have other things that I value more in my life.

  16. Josue Armas pd. 7

    1. yes i do
    2. yes i do
    3. yes

  17. Cardenas Ana Period 6
    You ask if I take my education seriously? I can easily say yes but not serious enough. I know im smart an dcan easily get a 4.0 but am simply happy with a 3.6. my G.P.A does show how much intrest education is to me but I know That I can do so much better if I pushed myself a little more. My mother always says to me do your best in school so that you wont have to suffer when your old. Take advantage of the opportunites you have because when your older and you have kids you will realize the value of education. I di feel that my grades are refected on my G.P.A because the harder i try the better it gets and therefore it lets me know how hard i am trying and if i need to push myself more.

  18. Libby Period 7
    I feel like i take my education seriously. Sometimes my grades wont be as great as i would want them to be but i always get that reality check and realize that i should be doing better because my future depends on it. Education is really important if you want to be someone in life. I feel like no one should take their education for granted because when they get older they are going to regret it. Like he had mentioned education is freedom and i feel like its the freedom to be what ever you want to be. If your smart and you do well in school you will be able to do what ever you want.If you try hard enough you can get a scholarship and not even worry about how your going to pay for your education. It all depends on how much effort we put into it. No matter what we want to be in life education is a big part of it and we should all be willing to do our best because we all want to be someone in life. I do understand that our education has a great involvement in our future success. This is because if we don't have an education or if we don't have a good one then we wont be able to be what we had hopped for in life. One of the things i liked that he had mentioned was that he had hated poverty for the longest time but then he had realized that it was only temporary. This shows that anyone could be successful in life but they just have to work hard at it. He went from being a really poor man to being the best that he could be. I feel like your GPA could reflect on how much your education means to you because a person that is fully dedicated to having good grades will do anything possible to try and be the best that they can. A person who doesn't really care about their grade will slack off and wont take it seriously,but i also feel like some people might be trying their hardest to get the highest grade they can but that grade might end up being a B or a C so i feel like your dedication and effort to getting the best grade you can get is a big factor in how much your education means to you, not just the GPA you get.

  19. 1.) i take my education very seriously i always try to do my best and i know theres always going to be room for improvments education is the thought of learning and always furthering your knowledge.

    2.) i value my education and life the more of my life i live i learn more and more everyday and education is like common sense what you know can get you through life.

    3.) i dont think your grade point avergae is a reflection of much you know rather than what u apply yourself can have the lowest grade point average and have a mast knowledge of other things/ everyday life actions.

    miguel, period 7

  20. Wilmer Elguera P.4
    I certaintly value my education. I feel like many people don't understand how important it is to have a good education. There are kids on the streets who have dropped out of high school because they though they were wasting their time sitting in a desk at school. Time wasted? There is no such thing. The only thing every person owns in this world is time, and they have lots of it. I rather spend my time in a classroom getting my butt kicked by Calculus than standing at a street corner selling weed. Calculus will be tough, but I'll be proud of myself for passing the class and doing well in it. In the other hand, where does the street life get me? Prison? and in a worst scenario, killed? Definately not worth it. But again, our youth has started to think ilogically, which is why I would suggest for every person to listen to the speech by Dr. Carson. He tells you how important it is to get 3 more question right in an exam, to do the missed homework assigments, to push yourself to become a better you, because everything pays off at the end. This means that by not going to that party on Friday and studying, or not skipping schools with your friends and going to class, you are already setting yourself in higher position of someone who is doing the complete opposite. To make it simple, Education is too important to be played with. From the minute you sit down in your first period class of your freshman year, Colleges are waiting for your application forms. All eyes are on you as if it was a concert, you can chose to have a good performance and have every college shouting your name, or you can freeze on stage and have a clown with a yellow uniform asking you to say "Would you like fries with that Sir?"

  21. Andrea Navarro
    Period 4
    I take my education seriously but recently I haven't been. I've been doing enough to get by and getting my report yesterday was a slap in the face. I was doing what I was doing last year, the only difference is that I take more advanced classes now so it won't be cutting it and some of these courses really kicked my butt. I do understand that my education has to do with my future because if i fail, I won't graduate and that will delay me going to college with the benefits I've been offered. I think the GPA is a reflection on how seriously you take school and how much effort your putting in. My GPA was horrible and it made me realize that a grade isn't just given, you earned what you received.

  22. Period 2. Odalys
    I take my education every serious, because I know that my education will make me be successful. I need a good education to be informed about what goes on around me in the world and how to solve problems. Living in American gives me an advantage to have a free education unlike in other countries where many kids don't go to school and others have poor educations. I believe that yes your GPA shows how much you care for your education yet I haven't really got a high GPA something I would really want before I graduate. My highest GPA has been a 3.1 and my lowest is a 2.5 I believe but that doesnt mean I don't care about my education it's just that I do a lot after school and I hope colleges appreciate all I do.

  23. Quinten Yonkers
    Period 4

    I take my education very seriously but sometimes, it seems like I may not as much. I know that it is very important and I try to take it as seriously as I can. I realize how important education is to my future. If you don't do well in school, you won't get into college. And if you do get into a college and you slack off there, you won't get a good job and you won't get far in life. Education is the most important thing that you need to become successful in life. I believe that grades are a huge reflection of how you value your education. If you get good grades, it shows that you try and do your best in school. But if you get bad grades, it shows that you don't really care about your education or really your future. It shows that you don't realize how important your education is.

  24. Sergio Ceja
    Period 7
    I would say I take my education not as serious as I should and i base my answer off my grades and GPA. I am very aware though of what I need to do to be successful in school which I know will lead to the future success as well.
    2.I greatly value knoweledge and education, Learning to me is being aware of the world around you to be able to know what is happening and what has happened in the world to be able to function properly, So I feel Education is very important anbd i value it greatly.
    3.I believe your GPA does show how much you value your education at the end of the day you cant make people do anything. It has to come from ones very own wil to be able to do be great and standout in school and his education.

  25. I believe that I take my education pretty serious, altough sometimes I might slack off before the end of the quarter I get the grade up to what I want. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give myself an 9. The education that we are being given today is only going to assist you in the future on our road to the job/career that we want. I think that I should take it a bit easier and enjoy my time in high school. I think that G.P.A is a determining factor.

  26. Ramos, J Period 6

    I take my education very seriously. I put my education first in my life. I understand that my education is an important key factor in my future and my future career. I believe that your GPA is not a reflection on how you value your education. For example, someone could have a 2.7 but is trying the best that they can. Just because your grades are low doesn't mean your not trying as best as you can with your education and learning. Everyone learns a different paces and just because you don't have as high of a GPA as someone else doesn't mean your not try and working as hard if not harden then the other person.

  27. Lina Perea.. Period: 6

    1.I believe I try to take my education serious but not as serious as I should. Education is what is going to help us be successful in our future because sometimes without education we can’t get far in life.
    2. I value knowledge and education because it affects our life in different ways. Knowledge and education depends on your career what positions you can hold at work, and what college you can get into.
    3.I think your GPA does show how much you take into consideration your education.

  28. Marcel Period 7
    I take my education very seriously. I strive to do my best and believe that education can get u further than anything in life. Education is the key to all success and without it you wont get far in life. I believe that your grades and gpa are a reflection on how much you vale your education in a way. It would be a differetn story if the person is getting bad grades because they just aren't capable of getting any bettet grades. If someone is just getting bad grades because they are just lazy or don't want to do the work, then that clearly says that they don't care about their education and arean't planning to do anything in hteir life.

  29. Pablo, period 4
    Before, I never took my education very serious, but now that I have grown up and gotten more mature, I began to take it more seriously. My education is my future.

    My education now shows what my future will be like. If I have a good education, my future will be successful and I will have a high quality life. The better my education is, the more opportunities I will have to be successful.

    I believe that my grades (GPA) do reflect how much I value my education. By valuing my grades in school, it shows that I want a good education to be something in the near future. I value my education because I want to be a successful pilot.

  30. Yes my education is very important. Education is the way to succeed in life that is what i am trying to do is have successful life and that all starts in school.Yes i understand the value of education because the stuff you learn is gonna be used in the real world, does not matter what subject it is, its going to come back to you later on.My GPA are a reflection to how much i value my education. I have no problem of saying my GPA, i went from a 2.6 to a 3.1. The first quarter i was not taking it that serious if i want to make it far in life, its all gonna start in school and my grade point average.

  31. Per.4
    yes! i take my education very seriously.that all that can make us successful and have a good future in life.yea i understand the value of my education on future success and the quality of my life because it will be able to help us later in life, i mean you don't wanna be working at McDonald's. Just think about it how hard will be day to day without a high school diploma.yes of course it not easy some times to keep up with your grades but look at Benjamin Carson who came from poverty was able to make it Pediatric Neurosurgery. I believe that my grades reflect how much or how little value my education means to me because my GPA did go up this quarter it wasn't my best i mean i know i can do better 3rd or 4rd quarter but i know that i gotta step my game up and really focus on school because that is really what matters when you graduated not your friends or any other distractions that can stop you from doing good.