Monday, May 23, 2016

SUB PLAN Upperclassmen Week of May 23 (Mon) to May 27 (Friday)

My Substitute Teacher Plan for this week is as follows: 

The following Cadets are designated Class Leaders in support of executing the schedule, assisting the substitute teacher, and administrative responsibilities.

Class Leaders 
Period 2: Cadet Canahui, Cadet Elvir (Asst.)
Period 4:  Cadet Simeon, Cadet Bastidas (Asst.)
Period 6:  Cadet Steven Ramos, Cadet Kilcoyne (Asst.)
Period 7:  Cadet Carmona, Cadet Kovach (Asst.) 

Admin & Logistics for Chief Pascoe:

  1. (Tuesday) send out an Invitation Email to BMHS Staff (via Housemaster Mary Michailidis) to participate in Memorial Day In School class Trip during Periods 2 (8:21 am) through the end of Period 7 (1:24 pm). All Classes are welcome, visiting teachers must accompany their students. If visiting students stop going to Memorial Day stations and are just "hanging out", we ask the teachers to take them back to class. 
  2. (Tuesday) send out an Invitation Email to Norwalk Veterans Committee and Navy League to attend the Memorial Day Presentations at BMHS Auditorium from approximately 8:30 am to approximately 1:30 pm on Friday. They will need to check in with security once they arrive. 
  3. (Tuesday) Black Construction Paper. Can you task a responsible cadet with getting black construction paper (130 sheets total) so the upperclassmen can staple their pictures and one page write-ups onto the black backing on Wednesday when they turn them in. 
  4. (Wednesday) Building Exempt Roster for Friday to Ms. Lund. With the exception of cadets not wearing their uniforms or designated not to being allowed to participate due to poor conduct or project performance, Chief will provide School Attendance with a class period unit roster to place students you in Building Exempt status. 



  • SNSI briefed the remainder of the week and students broke up into 2 person teams to discuss their plans for this summer or next year at college as brainstorming for final project / exam.  


  • Watch the Memorial Day Movie, Taking Chance. View the experiences in the context of the service-member you have chosen to "bear witness" for this week. 
  • Class Leader get CD from Chief Pascoe and record stop time for restart next day. 


  • Student Turn In of two final documents (Picture of Service Member and Bulletized Overview of Service Member's Life). Two examples are pinned up on the White Board in the front of the JROTC classroom. 
  • Collected by Class Leader and Turned Into Chief Pascoe / Teacher for safe storage. 
  • Finish watching the Memorial Day movie, Taking Chance. Class Leader facilitate finishing the movie.


  • Individual Rehearsals of Bearing Witness Presentation in class. Each student presents his person to the class using their presentation documents.  
  • Class Leaders Remind everyone that Friday (the next day) is Uniform Day. In order to give your presentation tomorrow you need to be in uniform.

Participate in In School Class Trip Memorial Day Presentation.
  • Set Up is Period 1 and the In School Class Trip will be conducted from Period 2 until the end of Period 7. Period 8 is clean up. All cadets will attend their normal scheduled lunch. 
  • Chief Pascoe will set up a class accountability systems where cadets coming and going will check in with the cadet chain of command and class leaders.  
  • The presentation will take place in the BMHS Forcellina Auditorium. 
    • If approved, Chief Pascoe may designate the upperclassmen to conduct their Bearing Witness presentations in the passageway across from the library. Cadets would have their backs to the garden with their presentations on the ground in front of the presenters.  

Good Luck and remember the responsibility you have to bear witness to the final sacrifices to these brave Sailors, soldiers, Airmen, and Marines. Make sure your effort, performance, and demeanor is a worthy representation. 

Monday, May 16, 2016


Are your ready to "bear witness" to the fallen service members you have selected and researched...?  

I am modifying the Memorial Day Module schedule by "sliding it" one day forward and inserting today's class activity. Having given you a number of days of research today's activity is to assess some of the research work you have done to date.

Scenario: You are in the military and are a casualty notification person. You have briefed a mother on the loss of her son (or daughter) and she has asked you to brief a distant relative (the fallen service member's godmother) about the loss of your service member. The godmother did not know him or her very well and his mother asked for you to tell her about him... make the deceased "come alive" by you bearing witness. 

Task: Take a few minutes to re-orient to your electronic information. Remember what we said about information management. Then you will present (bear witness) to the person you selected to honor to the class. 

Using the BMHS Communications Rubric, your class mates will assess your performance. Take out a piece of paper and sign your name and also write the name of the service member you will honor next to your name.

You will grade classmates according to the rubric and turn it in at the end of class. 

Lets see what you know.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Upperclassmen Memorial Day Project 2016

On Veteran's Day we show respect for people's service to the United States military and on Memorial Day we show respect for their sacrificing their lives defending democracy. 

In Remembrance website

Home and Away Afghanistan and Iraq Deaths

US Service Member Deaths in Afghanistan

US Service Member Deaths in Iraq

You will be tasked with selecting a service men or woman who was killed in combat and made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. this ultimate sacrifice was typically protecting their comrades in combat or innocent people in another country.  

Criteria for Selecting The Service Member You Will Honor With Your Research and Presentation:

  1. If you prefer you can select someone you know or are related to who died in service to our country in any conflict or war.
  2. Or Go to the above websites and select a male or female who's last name has the first letter of your last name. 
  3. You can select any military service or any war or conflict. 

Presentation Requirements: What You will be graded on:
  1. Tell me the person you selected and what conflict / war there were killed in. Tell me why you selected them. THIS IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY by the middle of the class. 
  • During class on Monday (May 16) be prepared to brief me on the status of your requirements listed below. I will need you to turn in your rough draft on Tuesday (May 17) to me in class: Picture, Two Page Report with contents listed below, One page Presentation Overview Paper.  Final Products will be turned in 23 May and for Intern Seniors on 17 May.
  1. Picture of the Service Member (81/2" by 11")
  2. Two page Report (write up) to be turned in to JROTC instructor
    1. Content of Report: 
      1. Picture of Service-member (1/2 page)
      2. Written Overview of "Bearing Witness" (1 and a 1/2 pages) which will include:
        1. Personal Information: Name, Age, where and when they were born
        2. Military Information
        3. Description of Service-member as a Person: Personality, interests / hobbies, unique facts, comments from others about this person. 
        4. Include your references on a Citation Page (a third page) which does not count for your Two page report write up but is required for your grade. 
  3. One Page Presentation Paper with service members name and bulletized comments.
    1. Your two page report will provide you with the information to selct for your stand alone presentation paper.
  4. Your in class presentation prior to May 27 (date to be determined. 

Class Task:

May 9 (Monday): Watch the Special Features from the movie Taking Chance with actual family members and Marine comrades that focused on bearing witness to the person that lost their life in service to their nation

May 10 (Tuesday): Library / Research

May 11 (Wednesday): Library / Research

May 12 (Thursday): Library / Research

May 13 (Friday):  (PT Day)

May 16: Due Date for Seniors Who Are Going On Internship which will also be Part I of your Final.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 Memorial Day Module

Memorial Day is the day that should have the deepest meaning to Americans and most certainly military veterans and their families. It is a day which recognizes the ultimate sacrifice of American servicemen and servicewoman who offered up their lives in the defense of their country or to help free those oppressed around the world. 

There was a tradition started during World War Two. Most young men volunteered for wartime service overseas and their families of would place a Blue Star Pennant in the window of their house. The Blue Star Families or Parents would demonstrate their family's service through the Blue Star Pennants. Should the family member be killed in combat they transition to becoming a Gold Star Family or Parents. The number one concern for a family who lost a service member in combat is that their country (all of you) not forget who their son or daughter was as a person. 


Class Task One: Watch a recent 60 Minutes show (13 minutes) about Gold Star Parents . (Click on the Link)

Class Task Two: On May 3 & 4th (Tuesday and Wednesday), you will watch the movie Taking Chance which is based on a true story of the sacrifice make by a young Marine (Chance Phillips) and his journey back to his family and comrades until his military burial. 

"And I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I am free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me."  

Songwriter Lee Greenwood