Sunday, March 29, 2015

PUBLIC SPEAKING: What Does Personal Finance Mean to You?

Today's Public Speaking Assignment

  • Take five minutes to think about the concept of what personal finance means to you. 
  • Draft a short one and 1/2 minute speech and feel free to write down some bulletized talking points.
  • Standard format: Intro, 3 main points, conclusion. 
Take this personal finance module seriously, you are being given an opportunity to learn much if you apply yourself.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Good Luck!

Part 1: Clear your desks and take out a piece of paper and write out the survival acronym and what each letter stands for. You have 6 minutes for this, and turn in the paper at the back of the room. Sign your name and class period. 

When you are done here is Part 2: Take out a second piece of paper. Once all of part one answers are turned in, Mr. O will write out the SURVIVAL acronym on the board and you will look at both scenarios and pick the three letters that best apply to each scenario and write them out and explain in short answer form why each letter you chose applies to this scenario

Part 2, Scenario One: Tornado in Your Neighborhood

The tornado just passed your area, and you survived by going into your basement by yourself. No one else in your family was at home but you. All the homes in your neighborhood lost power. Numerous homes and properties were heavily damaged. Your home was severely damaged by a tree crashing though the roof. There is no cell phone coverage whatsoever. Night time is approaching and you see individuals of varies ages wandering around your devastated neighborhood. 

Scenario Two: 

You are coming back from the Norwalk HS versus BMHS Basketball game which was packed with people at Norwalk HS. The game went into overtime, but McMahon won at the buzzer. As you leave the game you see a number of groups of “tough guys” from both schools posturing like they might fight. You and your friends are walking to get a burger at the nearby FIVE GUYS. You hear sirens and screaming and yelling, and a group of kids running. Some kid you see from your school runs by you and says “hey I need you to take this” and throws his small soccer backpack at you and keeps running. The cops drive by a minute later in the direction of those kids that ran including the kid who gave you his bag. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 26 (Thursday): Survival Exam


As per your pre-exam briefing, knowing what the acronym 
S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L stands for is important to your success. Since the class period is shortened you will be given only three survival scenarios to assess using the acronym. 

I want to see you apply the survival philosophy and you will be graded accordingly.


March 25 (WED): Uniform Day and Inspection


FIRST YEAR CADETS: General Orders 1 through 5.

UPPERCLASSMEN CADETS: General Orders 1 through 11 and Chain of Command. Go to the Mid Term Review Blog post for references (links) for studying your General Orders and the Chain of Command. 

Inspecting Officers:
Period 1: TBD
Period 2: Rose / Dallas is scribe
Period 4: Walsh / Martinez is scribe
Period 5: TBD
Period 6: Sanchez / Veliz is scribe
Period 7: Stevenson / Gray is scribe
Period 8

March 24 (Tuesday): NJROTC, and The Way Ahead

Today, we are going to talk about our program and the future. Our program is the first US Navy JROTC program in the state of Connecticut. This is a picture of one of our cadets (Sergio) who was the Captain of the BMHS Soccer Team, but now he has moved on to other things. 

As the year approaches the last Marking Period, and our senior's will be preparing to move on after graduation, you the cadets who remain need to prepare for the future and the changes that come with it. I will give you a class brief on NJROTC and The Way Ahead and then talk to a number of you individually. 

This Week is a Short But Busy Week: 23 to 26 March (Mon to Thursday)

What does this mean? It means what we learn is what we become

 "You let people know who you are by how you do your job?"
Alphonse Lambert

If your job is to be a student-cadet and to learn; how are you doing that job?  Based on the quote what does your level of learning say about you...?

Before we get into today's public speaking, lets look at our schedule for the week:


March 23 (Mon):  Public speaking (Mr. Osinloye as Sub)
March 24 (Tues):  NJROTC, The Way Ahead (Schedule &                                             Future)Brief by LtCol Killackey
March 25 (Wed):  Uniform Day / Inspection
March 26 (Thur):  Survival Test / 90 minute Early release
March 27 (Fri):     No School for Students / Teachers Only


Take 6 minutes and prepare an impromptu speech focused on the below topic. You are allowed to take up some bullet talking points but do not read them, instead give a speech. 

Topic: What Quality Makes You Amazing?

You will describe that one quality that makes you AMAZING and give two examples of how you demonstrate that quality. As usual, have an introduction, description of the quality and provide two examples of how it makes you amazing, and then a conclusion. You have from a minute to a minute and a half to provide your impromptu speech. 

Note: Whichever cadets do not finish, you will finish after the personnel inspection on Wednesday.   

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Will You Survive the Survival EXAM...?

Today in class we will conduct a group activity which will help you understand how the Survival exam will be administered and what is expected of you. THIS IS A REVIEW, so use this opportunity to prepare. You will also be given a two page study guide for the acronym, SURVIVAL. 

Remember the acronym:

Size up the situation.
Use all your senses.
Remember where you are.
Vanquish fear and panic.
Value living.
Act only after thinking.
Live by your wits.

Prep for TEST: 
     1. You need to memorize this acronym for the test.
  2. You will be given a variety of situations for your test and you will need to be familiar with and use the Survival acronym in giving your answers. 

Scenario One: Need a Ride Home on a Friday Night

Your parents traveled to a funeral and are allowing your sister to pick you up late from the movies which ends at midnight. During the movie, your sister texts you and says she is sick throwing up and can't drive and says you need to get a ride home. You and your friends are waiting outside the movie theater trying to figure out what to do and a kid from school pulls up and offers you a ride. As he opens the window you see smoke come out and you smell something odd. What do you do?

Scenario Two: Your Cousin got a Flat Tire on the Highway. 

Your cousin is driving you back from the mall on Saturday night and his car gets a flat tire on I-95. He pulls off the side of the road to figure out what to do. You are a passenger, what do you do? 

Scenario Three: Bus Breakdown during Overnight School Trip in Winter. 

You are coming back from an overnight school trip and the bus you are on breaks down on an isolated road in the winter. Once the bus stops it loses all power and the weather is getting worse. What do you do?

REMEMBER for these scenarios, similar to the test tomorrow you need to use the SURVIVAL acronym to analyze what to do or not do. Today you did this in a group, tomorrow for the test you will do this by yourself. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015


We continue to learn from last week. Through our act of appreciation to those adults at BMHS that have made an impact on our and others lives came a suggestion from a student. Can cadets write a letter to a peer or a fellow student that they appreciate? I told that student it was a great idea and that is what you are going to work on today. 

Similar to last week we will watch a short video to get you focused on appreciation for your fellow students. This video is called the Science of Happiness, watch it and then you will write your letter of appreciation. Even though the video is not specifically about appreciating you fellow students, it will help you form your thoughts prior to writing. 

Class Activity:

  1. Watch the video. 
  2. Take out a piece of paper and print your name and class period on the paper.
  3. Think about a student who you appreciate and why you appreciate them. Ensure you address that letter to that student.
  4. Write a one page letter telling that student why you appreciate them and the impact they have on you and others. Review your work.
  5. Turn that piece of paper into the Naval Science Instructor once you are complete. 
  6. For Tuesday, you need to study the acronym, SURVIVAL and know what each letter represents. (See previous postings).

Friday, March 13, 2015

The last class for Stress Management and Exercise: Tai Chi

We have conducted ZUMBA and we have done Yoga, now we will check out the oriental concept of Tai Chi which is somewhat like stretching, yoga, and martial arts without the contact.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Appreciating The People in Your Life at BMHS

The theme for today's class is : APPRECIATION

With the recent passing of our well loved and respected BMHS security guard, Maurice Tomlin, it has inspired in many of us an appreciation of those around us everyday that we may otherwise overlook. 

Yesterday evening our cadets supported the amazing Memorial Tribute to Maurice Tomlin by BMHS and the Norwalk Community. The positive and healing impact it had on the Tomlin family, his friends, and his fellow Senators from BMHS was apparent. 

Let's watch two short videos to give us an appreciation for the positive things in our lives. After viewing them, you will be given an in class assignment to write a letter. 

Class Activity:

  • Think about an adult at BMHS that you appreciate. Select one that you greatly appreciate. (Not presuming anything, but it can't be the NSI or SNSI. )
  • You are going to write a one page letter to that person and turn it into me at the end of the class period. 
  • In your letter include:
    • Who that person is by name
    • Why you appreciate them
    • The impact they have on you and others
    • This will be an anonymous letter, so do not sign it. 
  • Turn the letter into me by the end of the class period as I will turn it into that adult.