Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Good Luck!

Part 1: Clear your desks and take out a piece of paper and write out the survival acronym and what each letter stands for. You have 6 minutes for this, and turn in the paper at the back of the room. Sign your name and class period. 

When you are done here is Part 2: Take out a second piece of paper. Once all of part one answers are turned in, Mr. O will write out the SURVIVAL acronym on the board and you will look at both scenarios and pick the three letters that best apply to each scenario and write them out and explain in short answer form why each letter you chose applies to this scenario

Part 2, Scenario One: Tornado in Your Neighborhood

The tornado just passed your area, and you survived by going into your basement by yourself. No one else in your family was at home but you. All the homes in your neighborhood lost power. Numerous homes and properties were heavily damaged. Your home was severely damaged by a tree crashing though the roof. There is no cell phone coverage whatsoever. Night time is approaching and you see individuals of varies ages wandering around your devastated neighborhood. 

Scenario Two: 

You are coming back from the Norwalk HS versus BMHS Basketball game which was packed with people at Norwalk HS. The game went into overtime, but McMahon won at the buzzer. As you leave the game you see a number of groups of “tough guys” from both schools posturing like they might fight. You and your friends are walking to get a burger at the nearby FIVE GUYS. You hear sirens and screaming and yelling, and a group of kids running. Some kid you see from your school runs by you and says “hey I need you to take this” and throws his small soccer backpack at you and keeps running. The cops drive by a minute later in the direction of those kids that ran including the kid who gave you his bag. 

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