Sunday, March 22, 2015

This Week is a Short But Busy Week: 23 to 26 March (Mon to Thursday)

What does this mean? It means what we learn is what we become

 "You let people know who you are by how you do your job?"
Alphonse Lambert

If your job is to be a student-cadet and to learn; how are you doing that job?  Based on the quote what does your level of learning say about you...?

Before we get into today's public speaking, lets look at our schedule for the week:


March 23 (Mon):  Public speaking (Mr. Osinloye as Sub)
March 24 (Tues):  NJROTC, The Way Ahead (Schedule &                                             Future)Brief by LtCol Killackey
March 25 (Wed):  Uniform Day / Inspection
March 26 (Thur):  Survival Test / 90 minute Early release
March 27 (Fri):     No School for Students / Teachers Only


Take 6 minutes and prepare an impromptu speech focused on the below topic. You are allowed to take up some bullet talking points but do not read them, instead give a speech. 

Topic: What Quality Makes You Amazing?

You will describe that one quality that makes you AMAZING and give two examples of how you demonstrate that quality. As usual, have an introduction, description of the quality and provide two examples of how it makes you amazing, and then a conclusion. You have from a minute to a minute and a half to provide your impromptu speech. 

Note: Whichever cadets do not finish, you will finish after the personnel inspection on Wednesday.   

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