Thursday, March 19, 2015

Will You Survive the Survival EXAM...?

Today in class we will conduct a group activity which will help you understand how the Survival exam will be administered and what is expected of you. THIS IS A REVIEW, so use this opportunity to prepare. You will also be given a two page study guide for the acronym, SURVIVAL. 

Remember the acronym:

Size up the situation.
Use all your senses.
Remember where you are.
Vanquish fear and panic.
Value living.
Act only after thinking.
Live by your wits.

Prep for TEST: 
     1. You need to memorize this acronym for the test.
  2. You will be given a variety of situations for your test and you will need to be familiar with and use the Survival acronym in giving your answers. 

Scenario One: Need a Ride Home on a Friday Night

Your parents traveled to a funeral and are allowing your sister to pick you up late from the movies which ends at midnight. During the movie, your sister texts you and says she is sick throwing up and can't drive and says you need to get a ride home. You and your friends are waiting outside the movie theater trying to figure out what to do and a kid from school pulls up and offers you a ride. As he opens the window you see smoke come out and you smell something odd. What do you do?

Scenario Two: Your Cousin got a Flat Tire on the Highway. 

Your cousin is driving you back from the mall on Saturday night and his car gets a flat tire on I-95. He pulls off the side of the road to figure out what to do. You are a passenger, what do you do? 

Scenario Three: Bus Breakdown during Overnight School Trip in Winter. 

You are coming back from an overnight school trip and the bus you are on breaks down on an isolated road in the winter. Once the bus stops it loses all power and the weather is getting worse. What do you do?

REMEMBER for these scenarios, similar to the test tomorrow you need to use the SURVIVAL acronym to analyze what to do or not do. Today you did this in a group, tomorrow for the test you will do this by yourself. 


  1. Bullock Per. 6
    Scenario 2
    The first thing to do is to make sure your cousin pulled far enough off the shoulder to ensure safety. Then make sure he has his hazard lights on to warn any traffic that is approaching. If any one knows how to change a flat you should do that to get out of the danger of being on the highway, if not call a tow company and wait away from the vehicle.

  2. Bullock Per.6
    Scenario 3
    The bus driver should try to see if the problem is fixable, if not try to wave a car for help and call authorities. Also keep everyone in the bus to stay warm

    Scenario 1
    The best choice is to deny the ride offer from the kid from school because the he can be very intoxicated and not stable to drive . Even though its late one of your other friends should call their parents for a ride.