Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Leaders Have You Created...?

In our Navy JROTC program we talk about the concepts of both followership and leadership. The belief is you have to learn how to lead yourself before you can lead others. Every leader follows someone in their "chain of command". For example, the Senior Naval Science Instructor follows the guidance and direction of the Principal of our school and the Area Manager. The Principal of the school follows the guidance and directions of the Norwalk Public Schools Superintendent and the Area Manager follows the guidance and directions of the Commanding Officer of Naval Service Training Command. 

Looking at Leadership from a different angle, in the graphic pictured above on this blog post it makes the statement True Leaders Don't Create Followers They Create More Leaders. 

Your Homework Assignment: Based upon that statement, I want you to post an entry (blog comment) specifically stating what "Leader" have you contributed in creating or developing, use their first name only. Describe and explain your contribution to their leadership development. If you have not contributed towards developing any specific leaders in this unit, then I want you to explain in detail why you have not done this. This assignment is due to be completed by Wed (June 12) during your scheduled class period. Use your first name and class period to identify yourself. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



1. Teacher will form you into small groups with a group leader. 

2. Have a group discussion and then select 3 specific things you like & do not like about NJROTC. Ensure your group  takes notes and turns them in.

3. This is your opportunity to make things better by telling us specifically what you LIKE & DO NOT LIKE. Put effort into this.