Sunday, November 30, 2014

Select a Naval Science and a Non-Naval Science Topic You are Interested In

Monday's Class Activity: 
1. Organize Yourself into Three Groups. Group Leaders designated by SNSI.  (See Below)
2. Review the Naval Science Curriculum from the Naval Science Books.
3. Select one Naval Science Topic your group agrees upon and write down why you are interested in that topic.
4. Select one Non-Naval Science Topic (SNSI screened) your group agrees upon and write down why you are interested in that topic
5. Group Leaders provide both topics to the SNSI by the end of class on a written paper with your groups names, class period, two topics and why you picked those topics.

Group Leaders:
Period 2: Suarez, Bonilla, Dallas
Period 4: Armas, Walsh, Iraheta
Period 6: Valez, Vacas, Young
Period 7: Stevenson, Rainone, Chacua

2014 Change of Command and Staff

On Wednesday (Uniform Day), we will be conducting a BMHS Navy JROTC Change of Command after school at 1430. 

CO:  Walsh
XO: Vacas
Co Chief: Sanchez

1st PLT Cdr: Veliz
Plt Sgt: Mirabella
2d PLT Cdr: Armas
Plt Sgt: To Be Determined
3rd PLT Cdr: Krogh
Plt Sgt: Stevenson

N1 Admin: Bonilla
N3 Ops: Bou-Chahine
N4 Supply: Suarez
N6 Public Affairs: Iannucci

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Missouri Shooting Overview

We are using the ongoing situation in Ferguson Missouri as a vignette in which to analyze the difference between subjectivity (opinions, emotions) and objectivity (facts) it is important to break down the major aspects of this situation: 

Alleged Crime --->  Police Response ---> Police Encounter --->

Shooting Incident ---> Public Response to Shooting / Protest --->

Police Response to Public Response / Riot --->

Post Incident Investigation (Local / State / Federal) --->

Public Response to Grand Jury --->

Discussion Considerations

  • Role of Leaders 
    • Family
    • Community
    • Local / State / Federal
  • Role of Media 
    • Reporting News or Making News
    • Subjective Reporting versus Objective Reporting
    • Impact of Social Media
  • What Would You Do Differently?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Developing an Aptitude for Objectivity...Going from what you feel towards what you know


RACE                         ROLE OF POLICE                   PROTEST     MEDIA / PRESS        PERCEPTION VERSUS REALITY
RACISM                     ABUSE OF POWER                RIOTING     FAIR and BALANCED REPORTING                      LEADERSHIP


  • Subjective: placing excessive emphasis on one's mood, attitudes, and opinions.  

  • Objective: not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice, based on facts, unbiased.

Task: Discuss the meaning of the words and concepts above. 

Food for ThoughtThis is foundational to start our journey on developing an aptitude for looking at each situation objectively and developing the ability to simultaneously maintain a balance between intellect and emotions.  





Task:  Take out your notebook and think about these three words and write what you know about them.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Is Your Least Valued Character Trait...?

Each one of you shared your most prominent or valued positive character trait about yourself in the form of a short impromptu speech. Self analysis is a critical skill to develop as an adult in society. You are expected  to regulate your own personal and professional behavior and conduct to be successful in life. There are no guidance counselors or housemasters in the adult world, only bosses, co-workers, authority figures, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and family.

You may not have the benefit of having a "Julius" in your life to tell you like it is or what you need to hear. You may need to be your own Julius....

Class Assignment: 

1. I will form you into groups and you will discuss what negative character trait bothers you the most (about yourself or others) and discuss why. 

2. Have one person in the group take notes for the group, and when we gather together as a large group you will share your groups feedback. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What is Your Most Valued Character Trait...?

Character traits are all the aspects of a person’s behavior and attitudes that make up that person’s personality. Everyone has character traits, both good and bad.

Classroom Assignment: Your public speaking assignment is to select the character trait that you value the most and be prepared to tell the class what character trait you selected in a 1 minute 30 second impromptu speech. Within that speech, give an example of how you have demonstrated that character trait as well. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today is about perspective. It is easy to talk about the Ebola virus as an academic topic, but watching these short videos help you get more familiar with the challenge of it. In your groups you hypothetically discussed preventing the spread of EBOLA by containing the virus by isolating those who may have the virus and quarantining them away from people who have not been exposed from the virus. Think of how this would be done in our city if the virus spread here. 

First Video: WATCH: EBOLA THE HOT ZONE   (15 minutes)

Then Watch, Second Video: WATCH: 21 Days in Quarantine for Lora Logan  (7 minutes)

Post Video Task from the Class Leader: Lead a short discussion on how watching this may have changed your recommended policies your groups developed now that these videos put a face on the virus.

Discussion Class Leaders:
Period 2: Cadet Sienna
Period 4: Cadet Brendan
Period 6: Cadet Nicole
Period 7: Cadet Mercy

Thursday in class (shortened day) we will finish any of the Ebola presentations of Question & Answer periods during the shortened day. 

PS: REMINDER: All of the sophomore and junior male cadets (list below) selected for the Center For Youth Leadership Workshop in Greenwich on Thursday remember it is early release day, so you will need to come back to BMHS and be in front of the school by 3:30 pm for a 3:45 depart for the workshop (5 pm to 7 pm with pizza). We will talk tomorrow in class. This is merely a heads up. List of committed cadets:Shane K, Tom M, Mechal V, Elias B-C, Robert C, James G, Rene B, Jamerikah G-Y, Kevin M, Helmuth I, Josue A, Louis C, Kevin Marin, Ahmad Y.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Dan Caporale, USMC Vietnam Vet

ABOVE IS A PICTURE OF former Staff Sergeant Dan Caporale, a USMC Veteran who served three tours in Vietnam. He is a recipient of the Silver Star for heroism in combat was wounded and received the Purple Heart as well. He served with the MACV SOG (Special Operations Group). The veterans you see in the next few days served when they were a little older than you and were participating in the defense of our nation. 


Instructions for In class assignment: 

1. Single piece of paper write a letter addressed To A Veteran
2. First paragraph thanking them for their service to their country.
3. Second paragraph telling them what veterans day means to you. 
4. Print your name as your signature. 
5. Turn in your letter to SNSI. 

Remember tomorrow is Veterans Day and uniform Day in order to attend you need to bring your permission slip in and be in uniform and conduct yourself accordingly.