Sunday, November 30, 2014

Select a Naval Science and a Non-Naval Science Topic You are Interested In

Monday's Class Activity: 
1. Organize Yourself into Three Groups. Group Leaders designated by SNSI.  (See Below)
2. Review the Naval Science Curriculum from the Naval Science Books.
3. Select one Naval Science Topic your group agrees upon and write down why you are interested in that topic.
4. Select one Non-Naval Science Topic (SNSI screened) your group agrees upon and write down why you are interested in that topic
5. Group Leaders provide both topics to the SNSI by the end of class on a written paper with your groups names, class period, two topics and why you picked those topics.

Group Leaders:
Period 2: Suarez, Bonilla, Dallas
Period 4: Armas, Walsh, Iraheta
Period 6: Valez, Vacas, Young
Period 7: Stevenson, Rainone, Chacua

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