Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today is about perspective. It is easy to talk about the Ebola virus as an academic topic, but watching these short videos help you get more familiar with the challenge of it. In your groups you hypothetically discussed preventing the spread of EBOLA by containing the virus by isolating those who may have the virus and quarantining them away from people who have not been exposed from the virus. Think of how this would be done in our city if the virus spread here. 

First Video: WATCH: EBOLA THE HOT ZONE   (15 minutes)

Then Watch, Second Video: WATCH: 21 Days in Quarantine for Lora Logan  (7 minutes)

Post Video Task from the Class Leader: Lead a short discussion on how watching this may have changed your recommended policies your groups developed now that these videos put a face on the virus.

Discussion Class Leaders:
Period 2: Cadet Sienna
Period 4: Cadet Brendan
Period 6: Cadet Nicole
Period 7: Cadet Mercy

Thursday in class (shortened day) we will finish any of the Ebola presentations of Question & Answer periods during the shortened day. 

PS: REMINDER: All of the sophomore and junior male cadets (list below) selected for the Center For Youth Leadership Workshop in Greenwich on Thursday remember it is early release day, so you will need to come back to BMHS and be in front of the school by 3:30 pm for a 3:45 depart for the workshop (5 pm to 7 pm with pizza). We will talk tomorrow in class. This is merely a heads up. List of committed cadets:Shane K, Tom M, Mechal V, Elias B-C, Robert C, James G, Rene B, Jamerikah G-Y, Kevin M, Helmuth I, Josue A, Louis C, Kevin Marin, Ahmad Y.

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