Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad, I am Going to a Party...

Background: We have talked about the concept of a House Party, the recent court case in Steubenville, Ohio, and the impact of social media. Here is your situation, you are a parent and your spouse is travelling overseas and you are unable to reach them. You have a set of twins (boy & girl) that are 18 year old high school seniors, have good grades, and have not given you any discipline problems. They both were accepted into the college of their choice and received a partial scholarship due to their academic records. They both approached you about attending a party at a friend's house this Friday night, and it is Monday. What is your decision and what are you going to say to them?

Your in-class assignment and Homework
1. Take 10 minutes and put together your talking points and be prepared to give them your decision in detail.
2. Be prepared to give your response to your twins verbally in front of the class. 
3. (Homework) Make a blog entry with your complete response to your twins on whether they can go to the party or not. Ensure to include any questions or information requirement. is just a "House Party" what is the harm in that...?  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A House Party...What is the Big Deal...? Steubenville Ohio AssaultT

Two Steubenville Ohio H.S. Football Players sentenced for Rape
The following synopsis was taken from Wikipedia: 
Steubenville, Ohio: In 2012, two 16-year-old members of the Steubenville High School football team were arrested and charged with raping a 16-year-old girl at a series of parties on August 11, 2012. Charges were brought on August 22, 2012. Other members of the team were allegedly present and participated, though no further charges have been brought. The incident revolves around a party where the victim allegedly passed out drunk. The defendants violated her while she was unconscious, took pictures / videos, and shared those pictures / videos on social media websites and through text messages. The case drew international attention as speculation grew that police allegedly covered up the incident to protect the football players. Text messages revealed that the football coach, Reno Saccoccia, may have been covering for Mays and Richmond. The prosecution revealed texts from Mays that stated that the football coach "was joking about it so I'm really not worried", and that he had gotten Saccoccia to, "take care of it".] A text Mays sent to the victim claims, “I’m going to get in trouble for something I should be getting thanked for taking care of you.” 
     The trial began March 13, 2013. Visiting Judge Thomas Lipp opened the trial to the media. On March 17, 2013, Mays and Richmond were found delinquent, the juvenile equivalent of guilty, of rape. Mays was found guilty of dissemination of child pornography, as he took nude photos of a minor on his phone and then texted the photos to his friends. This charge earned him a minimum sentence of two years. Richmond, who was found guilty of rape only, was given a minimum sentence of one year. The defendants could be released after serving the minimum sentence.
Here are some video links that add additional information to the story and were used in the class discussion: 

Final Comment: Remember this incident started with a simple illegal "house party" and ended in a national scandal where two students are in juvenile detention for sexual assault of a minor with other crimes being investigated for "bystanders" and adults who knew something wrong happened but did not do the morally right & ethical things in response to this abuse of a minor. 
  • Social Media magnified the incident and was used as a platform for others to bully the girl who was victimized at the party, only to be continually re-victimized via social media. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is Just a House Party...Grown Ups just don't Understand???

On Tuesday in class we discussed the phenomenon of the "House Party". A House Party is an informal party "someone" underage folks sometimes go to at someone's house typically when parents /guardians are not present. The first reaction from many students was a chuckle and a laugh followed by some knowing glances among some of your classmates.  Some students mentioned the movie "Project-X" or the upcoming movie on "Spring Break" as entertaining and cool examples of this "party hard, it is all fun, & nobody get's hurt" mentality 

As a class when the concept of the "House Party" was defined from student input, I collected the following student responses from the class discussion: 

  • House Party: party at someone else's house where there are no adults (parents or guardian's) present or adults (parents or  guardians) are present but aren't paying attention to what is going on in their house or feel it is OK that kid's are partying "a little" because it is safer than them doing it somewhere else. Adults who own these homes but don't supervise these parties or who condone them, are legally responsible (criminally and civilly) for what occurs in their home. 
  • Activities at a House Party
    • Music & Dancing. This can often lead to "grinding" which is inappropriate dancing. 
    • Alcohol. Illegal, if party-goers are under the age of 21 which all high school student's are. 
    • Drugs. Illegal in all cases.
    • Sometimes the Potential for Violence. Illegal.
    • Sometimes the potential for Sex. Ranging from inappropriate to illegal depending upon the age of those participating in this activity. The combination of illegal substances for minors, inappropriate dancing, and no adult supervision can lead to problems such as someone taking advantage of someone sexually (assault / rape), STDs, or an unplanned pregnancy. 
  • Final Comment: Going to a House Party is not a risk, but a gamble where your future and what happens at this illegal type party is left to chance. Typically kids who attend these house party's don't know everyone who is there and know that no one is in charge...the seeds for disaster. 
This discussion is a precursor for a discussion of the Steubenville, Ohio rape case and follow on Ohio State Grand Jury investigation. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Public Speaking: What Person Has Had the Most Influence on Your Life?

This weeks public speaking assignment is about "what person has had the most influence on your life so far?"

Class Assignment:
1. Pick the person who influenced your life the most.
2. Draft a short speech approximately 3 minutes long to give in class. Pick 3 things they did to influence you and include them in your short speech.
3. You will give your short speech in class today or tomorrow. 
4. Your homework is to post (blog entry with your first name & class period) the first name of the person who influenced you the most and list the 3 impacts they had on you in the blog entry.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

3/11: One Voice...The Power of Exercising Your Freedom of Speech

One Student's Opinion's On School Budget Cuts


Last week, your assignment was to write a letter to your Elected Officials concerning our national financial crisis and in particular, the impact of the Sequestration. Some of you worked hard on it, some put a mediocre effort into it, and some (despite promptings) elected not to complete the assignment. (How indicative of this varied student effort is a reflection of the types of citizens you will become in the future?) The quote above speaks to our responsibility as citizens to work to defend the blessings of our freedoms. Not for us to merely to enjoy them, but to be informed and when necessary defend them through our freedom of speech. 

Classroom Assignment: 
1. Let's read the letter as an entire class aloud. Student's take notes on what you felt were important points of the letter. 
2. Break up into small groups, and review your notes, her letter,  and discuss how effective or ineffective you felt this letter will be if you were an Elected Official or on the Board of Education. 
3. Have a group note-taker to capture the key points of your group discussion. Turn the group notes in at the end of class. 
4. Your focus: Questions I want you to address in your groups:

  1. How will you go about cutting the budget if you have to? 
  2. What are some of your considerations in determining what to cut and what not to cut? 
  3. As Elected Officials, how can you raise money to maintain or increase the budget?

How Long Will Your Freedom Of Speech Remain a Freedom, 
If You Do Not Exercise That Freedom...?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Survival: Teen Survives Two Days by Thinking & a SnowCave

Lost Skier Survives for Two Days in-a Snow Cave in Maine

This seventeen year old cross country skier left the ski trail and got lost. As is the case with Murphy's Law (If Something Can Go Wrong at the Worst Time, It Will Go Wrong), it was the one time he didn't take his cell phone with him. He made a snow cave in the snow which gave him shelter (from low temperatures, wind chill, and weather) and he insulated the floor of his snow cave with tree branches which gave him some insulation from the cold floor. He tried to make fire but didn't know how, and by day he drank from a stream and would follow the noise he heard from snowmobiles until he was found. Not panicking, having basic knowledge of survival skills (which he learned from TV), keeping sheltered and hydrated were all key to his success. 

Some Discussion Points in particular for Cold Weather Outdoors:

  • Always bring communication with you and tell someone your route and time you expect to be back.
  • Always travel with a partner, the two-person rule is important. 
  • Always bring the basics (compass, butane lighter, small knife, and a whistle) in a Zip Lock bag  in your pocket. Or carry a small Day Pack (small Tarp, dry socks in a zip lock bag, other items below) with things if you had to stay overnight.
  • You can add some Granola bars and always have a wide mouth (a small mouth bottle will freeze shut) water bottle. 
  • You can also have a Fire Starter kit (waterproof matches, tinder, flint & steel, magnesium bar for shavings) in a small zip lock bag as well. 
  • If you are walking, skiing, or snow-shoeing in relatively fresh snow and you know where you were when you started, JUST FOLLOW YOUR TRACKS BACK OUT. It is a very simple technique that very few people realize, especially if they panic. Relax and think, if you here noise (= civilization) that might be your guide. 
  • The minute you leave a marked trail realize you are making a bigger decision than you may realize...?
  • You will be cold in a snow cave but not freezing like you would outside with no shelter. 
CAUTION: It is OK to practice building snow caves, but always do it with someone else until you get proficient in case you dig it wrong & it collapses. Tell a parent / guardian what you are doing. Never do this alone, unless it is a life or death situation of survival. 

Just a few thoughts on Cold Weather Survival / Survival, but your brain and some knowledge can go a long way to help you survive. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Do You Manage Information & Requirements

What caused the majority of you to forget your "Letter to Your Elected Official" assignment assigned on Friday...?  

Questions for you:

  1. When you receive a tasker or assignment where do you put that information?
  2. How do you manage that information you receive requiring action?
  3. What is your system? (PS. Hoping you remember to do it is not a "system" and "hope" is not a method for success)
  4. Let us share how we collectively forgot how to do this assignment, so we can learn from each other?


Monday, March 4, 2013

Mar 5, 2013: Public Speaking: Read Your Letter

Discussion: Your homework assignment on Friday due today was to right a letter addressed to both the President and the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) to share your opinion and concerns about our national financial crisis and in particular Sequestration. The President is blaming Congress and Congress are blaming their respective elements (House versus the Senate) and the President. The Executive branch and the Legislative branch of our federal government are politically posturing vice solving our national financial crisis. Simply stated they are not doing their respective jobs and the people who elected them and their children (namely you) are left to suffer the economic consequences.

Watch this short video, and when Congress had the previous week off and the President vacationed and played golf for a few days (once with Tiger Woods), how responsible and focused were they on our economic plight...?

Question: If you were a parent, and two children had something to accomplish but were in disagreement, what would you do as the authority figure?

Class Activity: As many students as possible will be asked to read their letters to their elected officials in class as a public speaking activity.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1st: PT in Class

Today is Friday and we are going to PT. The class plan of the day is as follows. The activities will be led by the designated Class Leader and an Assistant. The class will be supervised by the NSI. The NSI will monitor the class and ensure the Class Leaders are executing the plan.

Class Leaders:
Period 2: Tyron  & Odayls
Period 4: Nicole V & Mike
Period 6: Devon 
Period 7: Brendan & Libby

Class Leader conduct the following:
1. Form the class around you in a circle and conduct a warm up stretch from head to toe. Pick a different cadet to demonstrate each stretch. At the end let them stretch by themselves for two minutes.
2. Form the class into pairs by gender (guys with guys and girls with girls). If you need to form a group of three then do so.
3. Have them form up in the groupings and spread out in the back of the class room.
4. One cadet will perform the exercise while the other cadet monitors their performance. Once all are done then the class leaders switches the class (now the partners performs the exercise)

Exercises: See Exercise List Below

  • Pushup: Regular, One Leg Raise,
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Abdominal: Crunch, Standing Knee Raise

5. How This Will Work: We will use the pyramid method for the repetitions.The first sequence of the exercise will be one repetition and then switch. Then move on to the next exercise type (Pushup then Mountain Climbers, then Abdominals) with the same number repetition (1 Pushup, then 1 Mountain Climber, then 1 Abdominal Exercise). The next exercise will be two repetitions and so on...

6. With 10 minutes left in class, conduct a cool down

Friday Upper Body & ABS Exercise List

UPPER BODY: Repetitions (2,4,[Rest] 6,8 )
Regular Push Ups (Hands Shoulder Width)
Drill Rifle Curls (Palms Up)
Push Ups (Cross ankle)
Rifle Curls (Palms down)
Sun worshiper (w/ Books Palms Up)

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: Repetitions (2.4.[Rest] 6.8)


ABDOMINALS: Repetitions  (2,4,[Rest]6,8)
Crunches (Unassisted Crossed Feet)
Standing Knee Raises (Elboes to Knees)
Crunches (Assisted, feet held)
Cherry Pickers (Legs Wide, 3 Reaches)
Partner Book Pass (Feet Locked, pass Book)