Thursday, March 31, 2016

POTUS and Collective Security and Redesigning the US Military

The President of the United States (POTUS) is also the Commander in Chief of the United States Military. POTUS has a key role in all elements of national power (DIME: Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economy). POTUS is responsible for the collective security of the United States.

You are working as an intern in Washington, DC and the Secretary of Defense has hired you as an intern to help redesigning the US Military. The project will involve identifying the key tasks / requirements / country's collective security requirements. The next step is developing or organizing military capability to meet those requirements.

So what are: 

  • Key TASKS for US Military as it relates to two strategic functions?
    • Protecting the Homeland
    • Projecting Power Overseas
  • What are the key REQUIREMENTS to accomplish each one of the Key Tasks your group identified?
  • What would the ORGANIZATION of the US military be formed to accomplish those requirements you listed?


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

USS MASON and its Impact on US Navy

The USS Mason (DE-529) was a destroyer escort and the second ship to be named Mason. The USS Mason was one of two US Navy ships in World War Two with largely African- American crews. These two ships were manned with African-Americans as the result of a letter sent to President Roosevelt by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) in mid-December 1941. 

While we learn about the story of this historic ship and this crew think about the following concepts as it relates to a nations
s citizens:

  • Role of citizens in the military service of their nation
  • Concepts of diversity and commonality 
  • Segregation versus De-Segregation
  • Impact of prejudice on teamwork

We are going to watch the full movie, PROUD in class which is based on the true story of the USS Mason. 

Those Americans that set this example laid the foundation for all American, regardless of race, to serve their country with honor.

Monday, March 21, 2016

TEAMWORK and The Teams In Your Life

Life is about teamwork. If you think about it, just about every social grouping you are a part of is a team of some sort. Some teams are organized centralized teams with a designated leader (lead by authority) and other team are more loosely organized decentralized teams without a designated leader (lead by influence). 

I want to have you think about and discuss the concept of teamwork using an F-18 and a Goose. 

While you watch these two short videos take a mental note of the teamwork concepts that stand out to you as being important. 

First the F-18:

Next, the Goose: 

After having watch these two videos, discuss the key teamwork concepts you feel are critical from these examples. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

What is Keeping You From Your Own Success...?

Do You Know that High School Students who ACTIVELY participate in JROTC are more successful than students who do not. High School completion and GPA is typically a bit higher for JROTC cadets. Why do you think that is?

TODAY, let us take a look at your concept of professional (academic) and personal (friends, family, relationships) SUCCESS.

Lets listen to some thoughts on Professional (Academic) Success:

Now let us listen to some thoughts on Personal (Relationships) Success:

CLASS ACTIVITY: We watched the videos to get some ideas about your professional and personal success, NOW it is time to self -reflect:


MONDAY: Take 10 minutes and think about the one area professionally and the one area personally that holds you back from being as successful as you can?

  • Write an outline for a short speech tomorrow, Tuesday in class.
  • Be specific for a professional and personal shortcoming that you control.
  • List a number of SPECIFIC positive actions you can take to overcome that shortcoming that is keeping you from professional (academic) success and personal (relationship) success. 
TUESDAY: You will give a short speech 1 to 2 minutes about the topic discussing you professional academic shortcoming and your personal shortcoming, and specific positive actions you can take to overcome them and achieve more success in your life. 

Good Luck, this is all about YOU!