Monday, March 4, 2013

Mar 5, 2013: Public Speaking: Read Your Letter

Discussion: Your homework assignment on Friday due today was to right a letter addressed to both the President and the Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) to share your opinion and concerns about our national financial crisis and in particular Sequestration. The President is blaming Congress and Congress are blaming their respective elements (House versus the Senate) and the President. The Executive branch and the Legislative branch of our federal government are politically posturing vice solving our national financial crisis. Simply stated they are not doing their respective jobs and the people who elected them and their children (namely you) are left to suffer the economic consequences.

Watch this short video, and when Congress had the previous week off and the President vacationed and played golf for a few days (once with Tiger Woods), how responsible and focused were they on our economic plight...?

Question: If you were a parent, and two children had something to accomplish but were in disagreement, what would you do as the authority figure?

Class Activity: As many students as possible will be asked to read their letters to their elected officials in class as a public speaking activity.

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  1. An interesting phenomenon occurred with this assignment. While some were slow to get it done on time (See nest blog post topic), the more you learned about Sequestration and the lack of responsible performance resulting in and maintaining the financial crisis - many student's wanted to re-write their letters because they "felt" they weren't good enough. Seeing student's take pride in their work, and realizing the quality of their work is a reflection on their credibility as citizens, and future voters has been motivating.