Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad, I am Going to a Party...

Background: We have talked about the concept of a House Party, the recent court case in Steubenville, Ohio, and the impact of social media. Here is your situation, you are a parent and your spouse is travelling overseas and you are unable to reach them. You have a set of twins (boy & girl) that are 18 year old high school seniors, have good grades, and have not given you any discipline problems. They both were accepted into the college of their choice and received a partial scholarship due to their academic records. They both approached you about attending a party at a friend's house this Friday night, and it is Monday. What is your decision and what are you going to say to them?

Your in-class assignment and Homework
1. Take 10 minutes and put together your talking points and be prepared to give them your decision in detail.
2. Be prepared to give your response to your twins verbally in front of the class. 
3. (Homework) Make a blog entry with your complete response to your twins on whether they can go to the party or not. Ensure to include any questions or information requirement. is just a "House Party" what is the harm in that...?  


  1. Dominic and Alexandra..

    i wasn't born yesterday, i know that you guys make smoke and will drink at some point in the night and might have sex. Your both 18 years old and got accepted to college with a scholarship. I will let you guys go to the party. You've showed that i can trust you. Its up to you if you'll get drunk or drink moderately. or if you'll use drugs.. your both 18, which if charges come along with it, its on you not me. Be smart with what you do, make sure you take care of each other. Have fun and be safe. Be back by 2 am. If you need me for anything, CALL ME. No matter the problem, i will not question it. I will call you at some point in the night, you better pick up, if not ill come to the house to find you.

    I would like to have the address, just to be sure.

    No matter what, i love you.

  2. Kj and Kaylie..

    before i give you permisson to go to this house party i just want to know whats going to be going on. Whos house are you going to be at?, is this a person ive met or know, do you know what might pissibly happen or is going on there, what time will it be over?... i want the both of you to look out for each other im not saying being on top of one another but to keep an eye out to make sure you guys are alright make smart decsions dont get into trouble and IF ANYTHING HAPPENS CALL ME no matter what call me i want to make you sure you guys understand the things im asking you guys are too well matured teens thaat know right from wrong, but yes i give permission for you to go.

  3. Myrtil
    Lately you both have made me very proud. Having you guys was one of the greatest accomplishment in my life. As a Christian family I don't think a house party is a great idea for so many reasons, you can get easily influenced by what your peers are doing, I mean don't get my words twisted , I know you guys can make some really good choices but remember there's temptation out there. To answer your question. Yes you may go but I'll be waiting for you guys in my car at 11:00 your party time will be over so we'll go home. Remember your body is the temple of God, know what you're putting inside it, know how you're taking care of it. Make sure you take care of each other . Have fun and be safe!

  4. Patrick Period 2
    My preference is no, however my children have minds of their own so I can't make the decisions for them. They are very smart and determined like I knew I would raise them to be along with a strong foundation in my church ( LDS). They will know the dangers that would appear in those kind of situations of which are heinous to our souls. If they really want to go to those kind of parties, I'll remind them of who they are, (they are children of a most high God, etc.) I will ask them to truthfully tell me about EVERYONE who supposed to be there and how they are, what habits are (good or bad), what they are known for doing and what they intend to do there. After my children define the odds against them if they go, I'll go on and tell them if their precious futures (their reputations, their academic records, their possibilities, etc.) AND SOULS are worth risking over a small curiousity. I will ultimately let them make the descesion because in our religion, I learned that I can't make the descesions for my children. I consider that dishonorable. But i also consider this "party" to be one of EXTREME IMMATURITY. This is YOUR DESCESION and your own downfall if you go. I'm trying to teach you kids independence, self-reliance, etc. I will still love you no matter what happens but you will not have my trust if anything happens. They can only imagine the heartbreak they'll give to God himself for these naïve actions in their youth
    My children, choose the right.

  5. Nicole Period 4

    Nicky and Nick...
    look. You've been doing great. You both got scholarships to good schools and you know what? up until now i've never questioned your judgements. You have some good friends and some questionable friends. Regardless of what i may say or do... i know you both will find a way to try new things or experiment. And that is unfortunate. I'm going to let you go. I need to know where you are going at all times if you leave one premises i better know about it. Right now name 6 people who i know are going, if i dont know the people who are going then there is no reason for you to be with these people. You are 18 and adults now. I will let you stay till 2. I rather you dont, but if it comes to the point where you have to sleep over then i want you back by 6. Text me every hour just telling me you are ok and alive and having a good time. Absolutely under no circumstance get into a car with someone who is not fit to drive and do not drive yourselves. I dont think i have to say this but i will anyway... no pills, needles, or powders. YOU are responsible for eachother. If your sister gets hurt, its on you. If your brother gets hurt its on you. Either of you have anything to do with a child... dont come back to my house. I love you. Make good choices. Be the great kids that you are. Have a good time. Call me if anything. at any time.

  6. Brendan Period 7
    Up until this point in your lives you have never caused any trouble. You have excelled in school and sports. Your future looks like it will be a good one and I don’t want you to ruin it over a house party that will last for a few hours. You have all my trust and I know you would never do anything. It’s not you that I’m worried about. If anything were to happen at that party and you just happened to be there say goodbye to financial aid and maybe even to the colleges you were accepted too. The actions of others shouldn’t affect your success. If you are at the party and something was to happen then your future may very well be changed or derailed off your current path. As hard as it is for me to tell you I don’t want you going to the party. I hope you understand.

  7. Preet S.
    Period 7

    Okay, look kids you both are 18 years old, meaning you can make your own decisions and I think that you should go to this party. After talking, to your mother on the phone we have both concluded to allowing the TWO of you to go to this party but... We need to know some information on this party. First, who'so house is this taking place at. Second, who are you going with? And last, why is the party being thrown? Also, we have set up some rules that you two must agree upon. First, enter the house and exit the house together. Second, alert me if there are any problems at the party and I will pick you two up. Third, think smart- don't do anything that could possibly risk your chances of still going to the colleges that you have choosen. And lastly, once again you both are 18 years old so don't get in any trouble with the police.

  8. Zach period 4
    Bottom line, no no and no. if you get in trouble, like get arrested that scholarship goes out the window and sinve you're 18 that's on your record for life. You can party in college when you aren't under my roof, end of discussion

  9. Josue A.
    Kids you both are 18 and i know you want to go to this party. But do you think it is going to ruin your future? well yes you can go but you will look after sister and you both have to be back home at 11pm or else your grounded and will not have your phone and will not use your car ok ? and please dont get high or drink, be wise in our choices . Be together all the time and dont wander around ok go.

  10. E. St. Juste, period 6

    "I have no problem in you going.

    I need the address of the party on my phone, and i will take you to and from the party (non negotiable)

    be respoonsible, do not eat or drink anything illegal or dangerous. We're going to have dinner together before this party simply 'in case'.

    No set curfew, call me when you need a ride back. You know what is right and wrong by now, so do not fight or bully or engage in sexual activity when you already have so much on the line in your future. If you are uncomfortable in any way, let me know immediately.

    Have fun"

  11. Roshad,G-Y
    Period 4,
    who's house is it at? what time does it end? will there be parents present? if so you can go but i will be picking you up 30mins before the party ends

  12. Huerta Period 7
    I know you guys are responsible enough to go to the party but I just want to make it clear that you both have to take care of each other and I dont want you guys to be misbehaving. You guys are not allowed to drink or smoke I dont want you guys to come home wasted and expect not to get punished. You can do that when you are of age and when you are not living under my roof. You have to be home by 12 and I want you guys to leave and come back together. Be responsible and make good choices because I dont want you guys to through away all of your great work because of a party. I am proud of you guys and how far you've made it with the good grades and your scholarship. Have fun!

  13. McLean Period 7
    Dear children,
    Since you both are now 18 years old, I will allow you two to attend the party. However, there are a few things that must happen when you go to the party. If you follow these rules you will prove to me that in the future I will be able to agree with more party requests.
    1.)You must call me when you arrive to the party, give me the address and street name that the house is located on, then call me 15 minutes into the party, 30 minutes into the party, 5 minutes before you leave the house and in the car when you are driving home.
    2.) Make sure you know where you are and who is with you, know where your sibling is and the quickest way to reach them in the time of an emergency.
    3.)No drinking or smoking
    4.)Do not leave the initial location of the party unless you call me to confirm
    5.)Use good judgement,know that your future is determined by the actions you taker.
    6.)Know that if you were to do anything that would put an end to your college scholarship, you would have to find a way to pay for college without support
    As long as you remember these rules and abide by them, you will be able to go to more parties and events in the future.

  14. Malik Melfi Period:7
    Dear, Malik Jr & Quincy
    you are both 18 years old and should be able to handle the simple consepts of a party, I trust you will make the right decisions and wont dissapoint me your curfew is 12am & there wont bw any exceptions to why you cant make this curfew doable Iv'e watched both of you grow into extremely smart individuals. You have a great road ahead of you, college starts in september so dont do anything stupid No drugs, sex or anything else that you know will affect the outcome of your night Love you both
    Sincerly, Malik Melfi Sr.

  15. Folston 7th Period
    Dear luaren and john,
    I love you both to death but are still my kids. i would say no because you don't know the real stuff behind house parties and what the outcome can be. One of you can get reaped, kidnapped< lost, or even shot. I also don't want to see you guys on t.v. or hear anything about both off and having to worry about what the situtation is gonna look like on the family. I want you guys to be safe and not be convicted felons for life then lose the scolarship and can't get real jobs. I want the both of you to be safe. The only way I will let you guys go to the party is if I was going to be there to supervise or another adult as a superviser.

  16. For Brice Muldoon: Would you let your twins go to a house party?
    I will let you two go to this party tonight. When I call you you better answer right away. If one of you gets in trouble you both do so look out for each other and keep each other in check. I know there will be drinking and drugs at this party, both if you will not drink or participate in any illegal activities or this will be the last party you go to. Have fun! I will pick you up at 1 where is it?

  17. Well the reason you are both doing good in school and doing all these great things because you are making great decision. I don't want you to make the wrong decision. this house party i am letting you go to is except able for me. The latest you can be home is twelve o'clock. No later. There is one more thing i want to tell you is that you are both 18 and you are counted as adult. Any stupid thing you do will count and will be on your record. Then all the things you worked hard for is all going to be gone. So just be careful.

  18. I would ask them:
    -where the party was
    -who's party is it
    -Will there be alcohol
    -What does it start
    -What time does it end
    You can go to the party if youre responsible, dont get into trouble and to be home by 12.