Monday, April 1, 2013

Collaborative Speech with Time Limit (Mon & Tuesday)

Background. Communications skills are critical to just about every activity in life in both your personal and professional endeavors. In this picture, you see a sailor from the Submarine School talking to cadets during a visit to Groton Naval Base. In this situation the sailor has limited time to orient high school students to a multi-million dollar submarine simulator so they can generally understand what it is and how to basically operate the simulator in the short time they have. Sometimes we not only have to communicate, but have to do so effectively in a short amount of time or within a time limit.

Speech Word Bank:

Popcorn      Ice        Baseball     Van    Light     
Fear     Integrity     Banking     Lint   Goals

Classroom Activity:


1. Pick a Partner, you will not be assigned one...choose wisely. There will be 2 person speech teams.
2. Choose 2 words from the speech word bank with each of the team members responsible for the speech content and speaking related to that word.
3. Collaborate the development (planning, preparation, etc.) of your speech which is required to be 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. Use your creativity to determine how you will use those words from your speech word bank to include the theme (persuasive, informative, etc.) or focus of your speech. Ensure you have a written speech script timeline which encompasses:.
  • Introduction,  (Student A) Time estimate: _________________
  • Discussion Points about Word #1, (Student A) Time Estimate: _____________________
  • Discussion Points about Word # 2, (Student B) Time Estimate: _____________________
  • Conclusion (Student B)  Time Estimate: _________________________
Endstate of Monday's Class

A. Have a Speech Script timeline complete where each one of you knows what content (with associated time estimate) you are responsible for in the 2:30 minute speech.  
B. Finalize your portion of the speech, as will your partner, to include self timing your portion of the speech as you rehearse it at home. Rehearse & time your portion numerous times to ensure it is of high quality as you can make it and it meets the time limit. 
C. Anything you don't finish in class is your homework, which will be assessed during your speech tomorrow. You will not have any time to work on your speech Tuesday in class, you will only be given a short amount of time to rehearse it one time with your partner for timing and transition. 


Orientation for Tuesday's Class: 

  • We will start right away. Come to class with your refined and rehearsed (timed) portion of the speech ready to go. 
  • You will Rehearse your speech within the first 10 minutes of class with your partner. 
  • Then we will start the speeches and the peer assessment of the speeches. 
  • When you are not giving your speech you will be assessing (grading) your fellow students performance. Write the speech partner's names on a piece of paper and grade them for Body Language, Speech Content, and Presentation Effectiveness. 
    • You will assign a grade of 1 (acceptable),2 (very good),or 3 (outstanding) for each one of those three areas: Body Language, Speech Content, and Presentation Effectiveness. 
    • Also give any specific feedback on anything you think they need to improve upon. 
  • You will hand in your Peer Assessment sheet in at the end of class. Ensure you write your name & class period. 

Effective Communication is a Lifelong Skill and you won't generally have unlimited time in which to communicate your points. 

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