Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Partial President's Physical Fitness Test (Friday, April 25)

Spring is upon us and we need to get out an exercise. We have to take advantage of the good weather and get moving after our partial winter hibernation!!!!  

For those cadets considering Leadership Academy / Sail Training (LA/ST) during the summer, today's test  (Friday) will function as Inventory Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

LA/ST Candidates will conduct the full PFT (cadence pushups, maximum  crunches in one minute, & 1 mile timed run), but all other classmates will conduct the partial PFT (cadence pushups & maximum crunches in 1 minute).  

Remember SAFETY and our ORM (Operational Risk Management) Plan:
1. If you don't feel well at any time or notice someone else not looking like they don't feel well, call a Training Time Out (TTO). Let the NSI or another teacher know ASAP. 
2. If you have asthma, you can't run without your inhaler. 
3. If anyone starts to encounter breathing difficulty or gets light headed (feels dizzy) let someone & NSI know ASAP.
3. NSI will have their cell phone with them to call school nurse or 911, if required 

Good Luck. Enjoy the weather and ability to exercise. 

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