Friday, April 5, 2013

Platoon PT Competition By Class Period (Friday)

Background. We are almost finished with our internal unit competition, called TOPGUN (after the Navy Fighter Pilot Aviation School). Today's event is a calisthenics competition where every one does a series of selected exercises to determine how many correct repetitions they can accomplish in one minute:

  • BURPESS (Similar to 8 count Body-builders) 
Assessment: We are using the President's Physical Fitness Test standards for assessing a correct repetition of the Push Ups and Crunches. Students counting are supposed to correct improper technique as well as not count it as a successful repetition. Teacher supervises this assessment ensuring only credit for proper technique is given. 

Class Activity
  1. Warm Up: Two class leaders are selected and will perform a group stretch and warm-up.
  2. Pick a same gender partner for the competition. One person performs the exercise and the other person will count the repetition only if it is performed correctly. 
  3. One line of students will perform the exercise while their partner across from them counts. Students are encouraged to have and bring water bottles with them as they exercise.
  4. There will be a designated timer and results recorder.
  5. Safety: Following each event they will be given a recovery window. Following the competition they will conduct a Cool Down. (Training Time Out) Any student not feeling well during the event is allowed to stop. Any student observed to not be feeling well or acting OK will be identified to Teacher immediately. 
  6. Teacher will conduct a Cool Down where the class walks (column of twos, route step) down the hall to the water fountain to drink water and go to the bathroom if necessary. Then they walk back to class, if they have water bottles then they can fill them up. 
Give it your best effort and exercise safely!!!

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