Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1st: PT in Class

Today is Friday and we are going to PT. The class plan of the day is as follows. The activities will be led by the designated Class Leader and an Assistant. The class will be supervised by the NSI. The NSI will monitor the class and ensure the Class Leaders are executing the plan.

Class Leaders:
Period 2: Tyron  & Odayls
Period 4: Nicole V & Mike
Period 6: Devon 
Period 7: Brendan & Libby

Class Leader conduct the following:
1. Form the class around you in a circle and conduct a warm up stretch from head to toe. Pick a different cadet to demonstrate each stretch. At the end let them stretch by themselves for two minutes.
2. Form the class into pairs by gender (guys with guys and girls with girls). If you need to form a group of three then do so.
3. Have them form up in the groupings and spread out in the back of the class room.
4. One cadet will perform the exercise while the other cadet monitors their performance. Once all are done then the class leaders switches the class (now the partners performs the exercise)

Exercises: See Exercise List Below

  • Pushup: Regular, One Leg Raise,
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Abdominal: Crunch, Standing Knee Raise

5. How This Will Work: We will use the pyramid method for the repetitions.The first sequence of the exercise will be one repetition and then switch. Then move on to the next exercise type (Pushup then Mountain Climbers, then Abdominals) with the same number repetition (1 Pushup, then 1 Mountain Climber, then 1 Abdominal Exercise). The next exercise will be two repetitions and so on...

6. With 10 minutes left in class, conduct a cool down

Friday Upper Body & ABS Exercise List

UPPER BODY: Repetitions (2,4,[Rest] 6,8 )
Regular Push Ups (Hands Shoulder Width)
Drill Rifle Curls (Palms Up)
Push Ups (Cross ankle)
Rifle Curls (Palms down)
Sun worshiper (w/ Books Palms Up)

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: Repetitions (2.4.[Rest] 6.8)


ABDOMINALS: Repetitions  (2,4,[Rest]6,8)
Crunches (Unassisted Crossed Feet)
Standing Knee Raises (Elboes to Knees)
Crunches (Assisted, feet held)
Cherry Pickers (Legs Wide, 3 Reaches)
Partner Book Pass (Feet Locked, pass Book)


  1. We adjusted the schedule to give the Class Leaders some flexibility on the repetitions and sequencing of the specific exercises.

  2. Some of the Class Leaders were tired so they were less than enthusiastic when leading the exercises which had a negative impact on the group performance. Great example of leaders setting the tone for group performance.