Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Is Your Least Valued Character Trait...?

Each one of you shared your most prominent or valued positive character trait about yourself in the form of a short impromptu speech. Self analysis is a critical skill to develop as an adult in society. You are expected  to regulate your own personal and professional behavior and conduct to be successful in life. There are no guidance counselors or housemasters in the adult world, only bosses, co-workers, authority figures, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and family.

You may not have the benefit of having a "Julius" in your life to tell you like it is or what you need to hear. You may need to be your own Julius....

Class Assignment: 

1. I will form you into groups and you will discuss what negative character trait bothers you the most (about yourself or others) and discuss why. 

2. Have one person in the group take notes for the group, and when we gather together as a large group you will share your groups feedback. 

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