Sunday, March 15, 2015


We continue to learn from last week. Through our act of appreciation to those adults at BMHS that have made an impact on our and others lives came a suggestion from a student. Can cadets write a letter to a peer or a fellow student that they appreciate? I told that student it was a great idea and that is what you are going to work on today. 

Similar to last week we will watch a short video to get you focused on appreciation for your fellow students. This video is called the Science of Happiness, watch it and then you will write your letter of appreciation. Even though the video is not specifically about appreciating you fellow students, it will help you form your thoughts prior to writing. 

Class Activity:

  1. Watch the video. 
  2. Take out a piece of paper and print your name and class period on the paper.
  3. Think about a student who you appreciate and why you appreciate them. Ensure you address that letter to that student.
  4. Write a one page letter telling that student why you appreciate them and the impact they have on you and others. Review your work.
  5. Turn that piece of paper into the Naval Science Instructor once you are complete. 
  6. For Tuesday, you need to study the acronym, SURVIVAL and know what each letter represents. (See previous postings).

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