Thursday, March 12, 2015

Appreciating The People in Your Life at BMHS

The theme for today's class is : APPRECIATION

With the recent passing of our well loved and respected BMHS security guard, Maurice Tomlin, it has inspired in many of us an appreciation of those around us everyday that we may otherwise overlook. 

Yesterday evening our cadets supported the amazing Memorial Tribute to Maurice Tomlin by BMHS and the Norwalk Community. The positive and healing impact it had on the Tomlin family, his friends, and his fellow Senators from BMHS was apparent. 

Let's watch two short videos to give us an appreciation for the positive things in our lives. After viewing them, you will be given an in class assignment to write a letter. 

Class Activity:

  • Think about an adult at BMHS that you appreciate. Select one that you greatly appreciate. (Not presuming anything, but it can't be the NSI or SNSI. )
  • You are going to write a one page letter to that person and turn it into me at the end of the class period. 
  • In your letter include:
    • Who that person is by name
    • Why you appreciate them
    • The impact they have on you and others
    • This will be an anonymous letter, so do not sign it. 
  • Turn the letter into me by the end of the class period as I will turn it into that adult. 

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