Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SURVIVAL: Surviving a Dirty Bomb...?

As we have been studying the concept of survival, we have been branching out in to some other areas beyond the standard "I got lost in the woods" scenario. Yesterday, we talked about increasing your chances of surviving a car crash to include if you stopped to help after a car crash. Some dangerous incidents occur because of natural causes (such as a tornado, hurricane, snow storm, flooding, etc.) and some occur because of man-made reasons (car crash, power outage). Either way (natural or man-made) an incident occurs, the SURVIVAL Philosophy applies:

Size up the situation.
Use all of your senses.
Remember where you are. 
Vanquish fear and panic.
Value living.
Act only after thinking.
Live by your wits. 

Today we are going to discuss and increase your awareness about a possible man-made threat however not very probable of Surviving a Dirty Bomb, or in more formal terms a Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD).

Surviving a Dirty Bomb Overview (CNN): 2mins

Dirty Bomb Survival   (Click on this?)

What is Radioactive Fallout: A Dirty Bomb will be considerably less than a nuclear explosion. This was made in 1955 when the Cold War concerns about US and USSR having a nuclear exchange could occur. Info is dated but still relevant. 

How does Radiation Affect Your Body? 

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