Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Brainstorming for Upcoming TOPGUN Competition

Welcome back from break, I hope you enjoyed yourself. Tommorrow is uniform day so be ready with your appearance, bearing, and knowledge.

Today we will break up into small groups (group leaders chose teams) and brainstorm potential TOPGUN events for the platoon versus platoon competition. I want each group to come up with events for two categories: 

IN CLASS EVENTS: can be done in school during the class period.

OUT OF CLASS EVENTS: can be done  after-school and online.

Come up with a group list and then give to designated class scribe (see below) to write input on a Google Doc.

Google Doc: PROPOSED TOP GUN EVENTS  (Click on Link) 

PERIOD 2: Group Leaders are Bonilla and Velmani. 
Scribe is Tom Mirabella

PERIOD 4: Group Leaders are Ceja and Fequiere. 
Scribe is Kevin Martinez.

PERIOD 6: Group Leaders are Micheal Ragusa and Christian Araujo. 
Scribe is Michele Veliz.

PERIOD 7: Group Leaders are Mercy Stevenson and James Gray. 
Scribe is Robert Chavez.

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