Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Upperclassmen Memorial Day Project 2016

On Veteran's Day we show respect for people's service to the United States military and on Memorial Day we show respect for their sacrificing their lives defending democracy. 

In Remembrance website

Home and Away Afghanistan and Iraq Deaths

US Service Member Deaths in Afghanistan

US Service Member Deaths in Iraq

You will be tasked with selecting a service men or woman who was killed in combat and made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. this ultimate sacrifice was typically protecting their comrades in combat or innocent people in another country.  

Criteria for Selecting The Service Member You Will Honor With Your Research and Presentation:

  1. If you prefer you can select someone you know or are related to who died in service to our country in any conflict or war.
  2. Or Go to the above websites and select a male or female who's last name has the first letter of your last name. 
  3. You can select any military service or any war or conflict. 

Presentation Requirements: What You will be graded on:
  1. Tell me the person you selected and what conflict / war there were killed in. Tell me why you selected them. THIS IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY by the middle of the class. 
  • During class on Monday (May 16) be prepared to brief me on the status of your requirements listed below. I will need you to turn in your rough draft on Tuesday (May 17) to me in class: Picture, Two Page Report with contents listed below, One page Presentation Overview Paper.  Final Products will be turned in 23 May and for Intern Seniors on 17 May.
  1. Picture of the Service Member (81/2" by 11")
  2. Two page Report (write up) to be turned in to JROTC instructor
    1. Content of Report: 
      1. Picture of Service-member (1/2 page)
      2. Written Overview of "Bearing Witness" (1 and a 1/2 pages) which will include:
        1. Personal Information: Name, Age, where and when they were born
        2. Military Information
        3. Description of Service-member as a Person: Personality, interests / hobbies, unique facts, comments from others about this person. 
        4. Include your references on a Citation Page (a third page) which does not count for your Two page report write up but is required for your grade. 
  3. One Page Presentation Paper with service members name and bulletized comments.
    1. Your two page report will provide you with the information to selct for your stand alone presentation paper.
  4. Your in class presentation prior to May 27 (date to be determined. 

Class Task:

May 9 (Monday): Watch the Special Features from the movie Taking Chance with actual family members and Marine comrades that focused on bearing witness to the person that lost their life in service to their nation

May 10 (Tuesday): Library / Research

May 11 (Wednesday): Library / Research

May 12 (Thursday): Library / Research

May 13 (Friday):  (PT Day)

May 16: Due Date for Seniors Who Are Going On Internship which will also be Part I of your Final.

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