Monday, May 23, 2016

SUB PLAN Upperclassmen Week of May 23 (Mon) to May 27 (Friday)

My Substitute Teacher Plan for this week is as follows: 

The following Cadets are designated Class Leaders in support of executing the schedule, assisting the substitute teacher, and administrative responsibilities.

Class Leaders 
Period 2: Cadet Canahui, Cadet Elvir (Asst.)
Period 4:  Cadet Simeon, Cadet Bastidas (Asst.)
Period 6:  Cadet Steven Ramos, Cadet Kilcoyne (Asst.)
Period 7:  Cadet Carmona, Cadet Kovach (Asst.) 

Admin & Logistics for Chief Pascoe:

  1. (Tuesday) send out an Invitation Email to BMHS Staff (via Housemaster Mary Michailidis) to participate in Memorial Day In School class Trip during Periods 2 (8:21 am) through the end of Period 7 (1:24 pm). All Classes are welcome, visiting teachers must accompany their students. If visiting students stop going to Memorial Day stations and are just "hanging out", we ask the teachers to take them back to class. 
  2. (Tuesday) send out an Invitation Email to Norwalk Veterans Committee and Navy League to attend the Memorial Day Presentations at BMHS Auditorium from approximately 8:30 am to approximately 1:30 pm on Friday. They will need to check in with security once they arrive. 
  3. (Tuesday) Black Construction Paper. Can you task a responsible cadet with getting black construction paper (130 sheets total) so the upperclassmen can staple their pictures and one page write-ups onto the black backing on Wednesday when they turn them in. 
  4. (Wednesday) Building Exempt Roster for Friday to Ms. Lund. With the exception of cadets not wearing their uniforms or designated not to being allowed to participate due to poor conduct or project performance, Chief will provide School Attendance with a class period unit roster to place students you in Building Exempt status. 



  • SNSI briefed the remainder of the week and students broke up into 2 person teams to discuss their plans for this summer or next year at college as brainstorming for final project / exam.  


  • Watch the Memorial Day Movie, Taking Chance. View the experiences in the context of the service-member you have chosen to "bear witness" for this week. 
  • Class Leader get CD from Chief Pascoe and record stop time for restart next day. 


  • Student Turn In of two final documents (Picture of Service Member and Bulletized Overview of Service Member's Life). Two examples are pinned up on the White Board in the front of the JROTC classroom. 
  • Collected by Class Leader and Turned Into Chief Pascoe / Teacher for safe storage. 
  • Finish watching the Memorial Day movie, Taking Chance. Class Leader facilitate finishing the movie.


  • Individual Rehearsals of Bearing Witness Presentation in class. Each student presents his person to the class using their presentation documents.  
  • Class Leaders Remind everyone that Friday (the next day) is Uniform Day. In order to give your presentation tomorrow you need to be in uniform.

Participate in In School Class Trip Memorial Day Presentation.
  • Set Up is Period 1 and the In School Class Trip will be conducted from Period 2 until the end of Period 7. Period 8 is clean up. All cadets will attend their normal scheduled lunch. 
  • Chief Pascoe will set up a class accountability systems where cadets coming and going will check in with the cadet chain of command and class leaders.  
  • The presentation will take place in the BMHS Forcellina Auditorium. 
    • If approved, Chief Pascoe may designate the upperclassmen to conduct their Bearing Witness presentations in the passageway across from the library. Cadets would have their backs to the garden with their presentations on the ground in front of the presenters.  

Good Luck and remember the responsibility you have to bear witness to the final sacrifices to these brave Sailors, soldiers, Airmen, and Marines. Make sure your effort, performance, and demeanor is a worthy representation. 

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