Monday, May 16, 2016


Are your ready to "bear witness" to the fallen service members you have selected and researched...?  

I am modifying the Memorial Day Module schedule by "sliding it" one day forward and inserting today's class activity. Having given you a number of days of research today's activity is to assess some of the research work you have done to date.

Scenario: You are in the military and are a casualty notification person. You have briefed a mother on the loss of her son (or daughter) and she has asked you to brief a distant relative (the fallen service member's godmother) about the loss of your service member. The godmother did not know him or her very well and his mother asked for you to tell her about him... make the deceased "come alive" by you bearing witness. 

Task: Take a few minutes to re-orient to your electronic information. Remember what we said about information management. Then you will present (bear witness) to the person you selected to honor to the class. 

Using the BMHS Communications Rubric, your class mates will assess your performance. Take out a piece of paper and sign your name and also write the name of the service member you will honor next to your name.

You will grade classmates according to the rubric and turn it in at the end of class. 

Lets see what you know.  

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