Monday, February 4, 2013

Peer & Teacher Feedback from MP 2

It is one thing to give feedback to others, but it is another thing to receive feedback on your performance from your peers or even people junior to you. It is critical that the feedback is collected professionally and presented professionally. A professional needs to have a secure ego to be able to hear negative, but constructive criticism. Take a look at this short video on peer evaluations on work and performance. 

As your teacher, I have included myself in the process where I solicited your feedback on my performance. 

What will take place in class

  1. You will be given a group activity such as in class manual of arms or drill practice.
  2. I will pull you into the staff room individually and give you a synopsis of your peers comments & advice for you.
  3. I will also include my own impressions of your performance and conduct.

Tuesday Night Homework

Post a blog response on what value this experience was for you to hear what your peers and teacher thought about you.  Put initials and class period in your response.

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  1. Cadet Walsh
    Period 7

    By seeing your peer and teacher feedback you can seek to improve certain things in the future while keeping others the same. By seeing other peoples perspectives about yourslef you may realize things you did'nt know about yourself or reinforce what you thought already. If you are doing things right in others opinion maintain that and improve. If others say there are things you coulf do better on make sure to improve. Withou peer reviewing it would be harder to improve your succeses and failures because you may not be able to adress what is right and what is wrong.