Thursday, February 7, 2013

Does Your Attire Affect Your Behaviour?

Being fashionable and stylish (in vogue) is something that all young adults think about in trying figure out who they are...often times they imitate someone else (people they think are cool or they think they might want to be like) in trying to figure out who they are.

     Dressing like a Preppie, Goth, Skaterboy / Girl, Gangsta / Thug, Jock, Valley Girl...just to name a few are all labels associated with being someone else. The entertainment industry and the availability of non-age appropriate TV, music videos, and Internet content have exposed kids in 2013 to things adults couldn't see even in R rated movie in the 1980s.  Many feel the glamorization of sports figures and entertainers and the over-sexualization of videos, TV, and movies have exposed younger children and teenagers to adult related topics well before they should have been. 
     There is nothing wrong with having style, but it should be appropriate for public and professional settings if you are going outside, especially school. Wearing slippers, shower shoes, having undergarments visible, having symbols or sayings that are about drugs, criminal activity, sexually oriented is inappropriate for being out in public. 

The question to ask yourself in regards to what is appropriate for a young man and a young woman, why do some kids dress inappropriately? Remember as future adult parents, you will have sons and daughters who will push the limits of style, fashion, and appropriateness. 

Discussion Question: Form into three groups and discuss: 

  • Does the way a teenager dresses affect how they behave? 
  • Do they take on the persona of the character they are emulating in dressing style? 
  • On uniform day or when in uniform do you act differently then when you are not? Is there a different expectation?
Homework: Before Friday, make a blog entry on what advice you would give a female cadet and a male cadet who are is dressed inappropriately which is in violation of school policy and NJROTC program objectives. 


  1. Cardenas Ana period 6
    Female:Dress like who you are and how you want to be treated. You should have to dress sexy to be sexy and beautiful. You are perfect the way you are and you shouldnt be defined by how you look or dress.
    Male: Dont try to be someone your not. Pull those pants up and have respect not only for yourself but for the people around you as well.

  2. Folston, Justin (period 7)

    For females I would say that just don't wear anything that shows cleavage, or wear anything that has bad language written and sexual terms.

    For males I would say, "please man you gotta pull up them pants. there's no one out here who wants to see your nasty, stink, smelling behind. It also doesn't look good for to get a job in the future.

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  4. Females: Dress like you have some dignity. The whole wanting to be sexy act is getting really old really fast. If you really want to be attractive and stand out, stop trying so hard and just be you, not what you think other people want to see you as. Anyone with a modicum of class knows that the most attractive ones are the ones who don't have to actually try to be attractive.

    Males: You really don't know how pants work? I'd say that you look like you're 12, but not even 12 year olds dress as bad as you, and at least they know how pants work. Do you honestly think that that looks good? I mean, if you're dumb enough to dress like that, you must believe it. Dressing like that shows me and other actual people that you have no maturity and quite frankly, you're a disappointment.

    But, that's why I'm here to give you advice, but, unfortunately, it's your choice whether or not to follow it. At least up to a certain point. I can always report you for being in violation of of school policy and for going against NJROTC objectives, but, then again, if you dress like that it seems to me that you don't care about anyone except yourself, seeing as you don't seem to care if everyone sees your underwear.

    It's not attractive, and while you may think it is, the quality of girls you attract drops dramatically because both of your standards are sub-zero. And notice i said girls instead of women. That's because if i said "women" that would imply that they're mature and grown-up enough to think for themselves.

    So, now is the time for you to choose. You have the choice of either dressing like a human being, or keep dressing like the same tasteless moron all of the other CIVILIZED people see YOU as.

    Your choice.

    And if you choose the second option, I'll make life as hard as possible for you by reporting you every single time i see you because not only is it for YOUR benefit, but it's also for the benefit of the rest of us civilized folk so that we don't have to lose IQ points every time we look at you.