Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 26: The Economy...Boring! Who Cares...?

The Economy...who cares? Well that is the problem, most American citizens have little interest in the economy. People are concerned about how much money them have in their pocket or the bank. Few realize that this is related to the state of the economy, but it is. The politicians we elect, the decisions they make on our behalf that directly affect the economy (wages, jobs, interest rates, mortgage rates, taxes, entitlements, etc.). Let's take a look at the basics of the economy (7:30):

Now lets take a quick (3 min) look at taxes:

What is happening on Friday...Sequestration....What the heck is that...? Let's take a quick (1 min) look:

Why can't our Elected President (Executive Branch) shape and influence the Congress (Legislative Branch)  to make economic decisions that our best for our country vice posturing to make the opposing political party look bad...?

Discussion Point:  Is our elected President a politician or a leader? Think of what Dr. Ben Carson said about lawyers and politicians are taught to "win" and leaders "solve problems". We know that Leaders seek responsibility and accept blame in being accountable...Watch the news, what is the President doing to solve this? House of Representative Majority Leader Representative John Boehner? Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid?

At the legislative and executive branches, who is deflecting blame and who is accepting it? Is anyone leading...?

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