Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb 21 (Thursday) Leading Your Peers: Drill Practice with Practice Drill Rifle

Based on student feedback many of you asked to practice more drill with drill rifles in class, besides our after-school drill activities. Today that is exactly what we will do in class combined with the opportunity to have cadets lead their peers as a unit commander during this evolution.


  1. The Class Leaders will have everyone get a drill rifle from the Chief's Room.
  2. Form the class into a platoon formation, standard Fall In & forming up procedures.
  3. Class Leaders will start with static manual of arms and then transition into platoon drill with rifles in class within the confines of the space available. (We are indoors due to inclement weather).
  4. Then then the Class Leader will select different students to take turns being the Platoon Commander. This gives everyone an opportunity to go from the follower position to being placed in the Leader position. the Class Leader will mentor these cadets as they perform to the degree they need it. The transitioning Leaders will experience "being in the spotlight" now responsible among their peers for verbally giving proper commands, being technically proficient in drill (knowledge & skill they should possess), and setting the example (bearing, attitude, etc.) for their peers.  
  5. This has the added benefit of generating or re-generating increased emphasis on cadet drill. 

Anytime a student-cadet has an opportunity to stand in front of their peers and lead them (drill) or present a concept (class discussion or public speaking day) it is a great learning experience and ultimately a confidence boosting and team building event.

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