Tuesday, January 29, 2013

End of the Second Marking Period Reflection: Jan 30, 2013

Purpose of Reflection: Working in groups and teams is a part of life. Those teams are all around you, they are your family, friends, class periods, sports, hobbies, and work related. The ability to assess yourself, your peers, and in this case even the teacher is important to this team maximizing our learning. The ability to analyze yourself and others is critical to the team if that team seeks to learn and improve its performance. "Looking in the mirror" is important, as is showing and sharing with others your perspective while being open to their perspective.

Here was the class assignment for Tuesday in class and your last graded event of the marking period. You need to complete by the end of class today.

1. What Did You Learn this Marking Period In This Class? 


Leadership & Ethics (Petraeus), AMI Prep (Chain of Command, Orders To Sentry), You say You Want To Be successful, Gender Desegregation for sports, Woman in the Infantry, Commander NSTC Video, Respect and Sexual Harrassment Preventiuon, To Build of Not to Build the Mosque, 
Islamic Extremism, Stress Management for High School Students) 

2. Self Grading and Peer Grading (A, B, C, D, F)

A. What Grade Would You Give Yourself in NJROTC this marking period? Why?

B. What NJROTC Grade Would You Give Your Individual Classmates (By-name) and Why? 

Feel free to include any advice or constructive criticism you would provide.

3. What Could Your SNSI Have Done Better This Marking Period To Make the Class Better? (Be candid = Be Negative. I am looking for ways to improve so if you think I can or should do something better tell me.)  
I will collect the results and brief the individuals and the class. I am interested in your thoughts associated with the picture inserted, do you agree with that comment or not, please comment.

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  1. Overall, great job on the end of marking period reflections. The majority of you put effort into it which provided me with great insights into your opinions and perceptions. Most of the grading of yourselves was accurate, but it was a trend where you were too liberal with giving high grades to classmates. I will list your recommendations to me in a second posting. Good effort.