Monday, January 7, 2013

Islamic Extremism's and Terrorism

Jan 8, 2013: We discussed on Monday during the previous blog post  "To Build or Not To Build...That is the Debate" some of the issues associated about the perceptions versus realities separating religious extremists from the religion they follow. We discussed in that class, different examples of religious extremism resulting in violence (The Spanish Inquisition, Murdering or Bombing Abortion Clinics, Salem Witch Trials as a few). Many religions have had extremists violate the tenets of their religion and commit violent acts on the behalf of that religion in their words. A modern phenomenon this past decade has been Islamic extremism symbolized by Al Qaeda and their affiliates. The photo below is a picture of the Sept 11th Hijackers.

Is it fair or accurate to judge all Muslims by the extremist acts of others...? Do you separate the religion from religious extremists?  What do you understand about the religion of Islam? What do you understand about Islamic Extremism espoused by a group like Al Qaeda and their affiliates?

Listen to a Muslim Scholar discuss Islamic Extremism and Globalism (7 minutes)

In our Cultural Studies book, An Introduction to Global Awareness in Chapter One in Lesson 4 the authors discuss, Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism on page 92.

Here is a video where they discuss the Long War Against Islamic Extremism (25 min)

View the video and discuss your thoughts and impressions.

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