Sunday, January 6, 2013

To Build or Not To Build...That is the Debate

Today's Debate will center on the controversial topic of building a mosque in lower Manhattan, NY in the general vicinity of Ground Zero. The World Trade Center Towers were twice attacked by Islamic Extremists (Al Qaeda). The first attack was in 1993 by a car bomb in the parking garage of one of the Towers. The second attack was on Sept 11 where the towers were destroyed by flying hijacked planes with innocent people killed in the destruction of the Twin Towers. That terrorist attack and other attacks, generated much national focus, passion, and sacrifice on behalf of Americans and their allies against the spread of Islamic Extremism. Watch these two short videos to see opposing interpretations against or in support of building the mosque there... the first video opposes the building of the mosque.

This video is the President supporting the building of the Mosque in NY.

Some Questions to Ponder in preparing for your debate:

  • Can you separate a religion from groups who exploit or high-jack the religion for their own extreme purposes? 
  • Is a religion responsible for the acts of extremists who follow that religion? 
  • Our country claims to exercise freedom of religion, however, is that freedom or any other freedom absolute?
  • Some people claim that extremists are using our freedoms against us and in support of themselves. 

Class Task
  1. You will be formed into two groups (one group that supports and one group that opposes the building of the mosque).
  2. Your debate groups will be given a short period of time to prepare your hasty debate each focusing on three main points. 
  3. Your homework is entering a comment tonight on how you feel about the topic. Include you First Name & Last Initial, and class period you are in. Keep your comments professional.

TO BUILD OR NOT BUILD.....that is the question?????


  1. Period 2 Assigned Groups: For (C,A,M,T) Against (L,M,S,Y,J)
    Period 4 Assigned Groups: For (W,B,B,JW)Against (G,N,GY,M,M)

  2. Period 7,Clara
    They should allow them to build a Mosque in NY because we all have the right to practice our religion no matter what the religion is.we as Americans should protecte other against religious discrimination and against interference with freedom of worship.

  3. Period 2 Bullock

    I feel that they should allow them to build a mosque in lower manhattan because people have a right to practice their own religon and i feel that most people have a misconception about muslims. There is a sterotype that they are all terrorist and people just need to give them a second chance and just see who muslims really are.

  4. Period 2 C, Krogh

    I think that the center of this debate is the phobia of Islam in America. there has never been a very large debate like this about any other religion. there should be no problem with this. If we stopped looking at each other as enemies and instead as Americans this wouldn't be a problem,.

  5. Brendan W
    Period 7
    America is a nation of immigrants. People migrate for many different oppurtunities. One of those is religious freedom. It is the Muslims right to build a mosque to praise there God wherever and whenver they want. However they should be understanding of how the area surrounding Ground Zero is a place where many people lost family members. While it is their right they should refrain to be respectful of this area where many raw emotions took place and is still in many peoples hearts and minds.

  6. Period 4 Vacas

    There is no doubt that muslims have the right to practice their religion wherever they wish, the fact that they even had to connect it to ground zero is not necessary. As long as the mosque is not build ON ground zero then i am indifferent as to where they build a mosque.

  7. Period 2 Sanchez

    In my opinion, the Islam Extremeists have tainted the name of Muslims to the point where even the simple building of a mosque alarms people and causes them to protest with good reason. The events of 9/11 has caused a wave of paranoia that the terrorists used to their advantage especially during the Bengasi incident. Why would the Muslims try to build a mosque near Ground Zero when the paranoia is evident, why would they push it and sugar coat it with promises of amends to the losses. Is this some kind of sick joke to tease us like that when they know that we as a country have a trauma that really can't be amended?

  8. Period 4 Gaines

    I think that they do technically have the right to build a church anywhere within the law, but it just seems that it's one of those things that the controversy could be avoided by simply choosing another location.

  9. It's been eleven years since the tragedy of September 11 and it has been hard for the American people to recover from such as tragedy. But I believe that not only are we Americans the only ones that have been affected by this but the people of the arab world. The idea of a mosque been built up near Ground Zero i think would demonstrate to those who are biast of these people and believe that all of them are the same. If one goes in depth of what are the main principals of Islam you would get to see that these people are for the most humble looking to help others in need. We need to realized that we live in a society where not everybody is a "good " person and that where we need to keep our eyes open for those. The heritage or ethnic doesn't determine ones person but of what they do as a human being.
    Period 2 Ann

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  11. Jarell R. Per 6

    In my honest opinion I believe that they shouldn't build the mosque. With the information that I have laerned, if we allow them to buld the mosque, it would be nothing but another trophy awarding them for what they did. Yes their is a separation between Muslims and muslims extremists, but their name has gotten trashed soo much that it will still efect the people. Their are many other mosque's in New York, so their is no present need for them to build another one two blocks down. If anything they can build it on another plot of land.

  12. Building a Mosque on Ground Zero to me is very disrespectful. Yes we know that the Muslums had nothing to do with the actions of the extremists but its human nature to know and understand that what the extremists did was wrong. Beliefs or not I feel that the building of the Mosque in or near ground zero will cause a lot of chaos and disaster. Yes it is not their fault but in my eyes I feel like they shouldnt have the right to celebrate the deaths of millions of people and such a disasterous day.
    Ana Cardenas
    Period 6

  13. Period 7
    January 8th 2013
    I think that the property owners should allow Muslims to build there mosque building, the fact that there are a few Islamic Extremists groups doesn't mean that the entire Muslim population should be punished and thought down to. I believe that as long as the mosque and it's leaders allow monthly check ins with the state/city official to check on any activity in the building that might be suspicious.

  14. period 2
    I feel the muslims should be allowed to build their mosque because they should have the freedom to practice their religion like the rest of us, they are no different then the rest of us, Muslims have been given a bad reputation but, Not all muslims are bad.

  15. Period 2
    I feel that Muslims shouldnt build the mosque near Ground Zero. I feel this because some families will feel affended no matter what religion or race you are, it is a sacred place where people come to pay respect for lives that were lost because of a terrorist attack. Nothing should really be built around that area, it is a national symbol of tragic loss and rememberance of trajic loss of others who risked their lives to save other people.

  16. Period 2:
    I feel that the muslins should bulid their mosque around groundzero because it will offen the families of those who where affected by 9/11. The muslins should respect Americans and the memory of all those of 9/11 and just bulid their mosque somewhere else. This will aviod roits, arguements, and other violent actions. Yes we know not to mistake extremist for muslins but since they are close who really knows what they are capable of doing?

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