Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jan 14: Small Group Reading & Draft US Policy on Countering Islamic Extremism

Is the quote above appropriate for our previous discussions, or would you consider it extreme? Think of the Sept 11th Module we conducted and the loss of innocents lives due to Al it civilization (US / Western World and Islamic World / Allies) against terrorists or not.

Using the template of the National Elements of Power (DIME: Diplomacy, Information, Military/Security, and Economy) as you break into small groups and read the assigned curriculum, try to think of ways to use DIME to develop a draft US Policy to Counter global Islamic Extremism.

In Class Tasks:  After viewing the above information and the example of a religious extremist conduct the following in class tasks and homework posting assignment. 

1. Let’s take a look at our Cultural Studies Global Awareness book and review the following Vocabulary Words: terrorism, international terrorism, jihad, terrorist group, agenda, figurehead, proxy, sharia, Wahhabism, Caliphate, insurgency, transnational, reactionary, safe haven.

2. Break up into 2 or 3 groups and read this lesson from page 92 to 109. Take whatever notes or questions you deem appropriate to outline draft US Policy to Counter Islamic Extremism.

3. Participate in small group class discussions in developing a draft policy for countering Islamic Extremism using the national elements of power (Diplomacy, Information, Military / Security, and Economy). You will continue this work on Tuesday, and make a class presentation on your draft policy on Wednesday.

4. Homework Assignment: Post your individual thoughts on how the United States could counter Islamic Extremism. (Class Period and First name only)


  1. Diplomacy: We need to work with other nations, especially less developed nations such as Egypt, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, the Philippines and many more in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We can do this by utilizing our aid to the country such as money, (Economy), and working alongside their Intelligence communities, (Information), for the most part, but being especially wary of lesser countries with lesser individuals within their intelligence communities which are more prone to corruption and leaks such as Pakistan and many countries in South America, The Middle East and Asia.

    Information: We can, as mentioned before use our intelligence agencies in order to track, pursue, and gain information from suspected terrorists around the world, in this case Islamic extremists. We can also use Special Forces, (Military), in conjunction with our intelligence agencies such as the Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, and Delta Force to work alongside regular intelligence officers and the Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Division.

    We can utilize all of the agencies to perform specific functions at home and abroad in order to develop a highly coordinated counter terrorist machine. For instance, the FBI would use their many offices around the world to investigate suspected sites of terrorism, while working with the CIA to develop profiles and track individuals, while the NSA, TSA, Border Patrol and local law enforcement works domestically, (with some exceptions for the NSA), to ensure security domestically.

    Military: We can use the elite groups in our military to work in conjunction with the various security and intelligence agencies to neutralize threats and to have boots on the ground gaining information and watching individuals suspected of terrorism for the intelligence agencies while keeping a very low profile in countries and regions in which the United States is technically not allowed to operate in.
    We can use our regular military in order to police and patrol areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent them from become lawless areas that will make a fertile training ground for terrorist training camps, and to ensure law and order for the country so that the established government will be able to serve the people of their country while having a more developed infrastructure because of the U.S. presence in the region.

    Economy: We can extract information from countries that would otherwise not give them to us while taking the money that we give them in aid. For example, if we wanted to get information from Pakistan, and Pakistan was being difficult, we could cut the annual aid that we give them and show that we will not tolerate, nor will we give aid to countries that harbor terrorists and/or withhold information from NATO and nations within the NATO alliance. (Except us.)

  2. Period 4 Nicole

    To counter attack extreme terrorism the US we should act as extreme terrorist who attack terrorists themselves. Fighting fire with fire is the only way i can possibly think of counter attacking these extremists.

    1. This just keeps the fire going and then how do we (the US, the 'good guys")differentiate from the terrorists...? You can't just kill your way out of countering terrorism. Capturing or killing terrorists is many times the only thing that will stop the most extreme terrorists, but it doesn't solve the long time problem in the "war of ideas" and some say it fuels terrorist recruiting efforts? Thoughts

  3. Period 7 Walsh

    In order to counter Islamic Extremists we need to stop them before they get to us. This has been our strategy for many years. We should keep this strategy but continue to improve it by innovationg the system. We could innovate the sytem by training more intelligence officers in the CIA and Military. By doing this we could have eyes and ears before an attack were to happen. If we have the information we can stop it with Military force, negotiations or other methods. Perhaps increase sensors for weapons in areas of importance or in dense populations. By working with other countries as Gaines said we can utilize their resources and become friendly with them for our benefit.

  4. period 4 blanca
    i think that we try in so many ways to talk to them that we dont want to by in a conflict with them. they seen to not undersand that. they want to keep attacking us no more what we tell them. they had attack us more them one time. they hate the united states and thats all they have in mind when they plan there attacks. in my opinion we should get back to them but we do think in there citizens that are innocents that may lose there life's something they dont care

    . so see they attack us more then one time we should get back to them by doing something wrong. and dont get me wrong i know is not right because a lot of innocents

  5. Pablo, Period 4

    Since the 9/11 attacks, I have always believed that the United States should become a little bit extreme as well. Instead of wasting money on having the military, the FBI, the CIA, the police,or any other group keep watch every time islamic extremist
    threaten us; we should just attack them back. We should not argue or negotiate with them because they will not understand. They only like it the hard and violent way. It might sound cruel, but if that is the way they like it, that is the way we should deal with them. The hard way. Attacking them back so they could be afraid of us and see that we are stronger, not the other way around.

  6. Islamic extremism is unnessisary in my opinion, I dont really understand it. 911 could have been prevented if we had better security & could have been stopped, my opinion on islamic extresim is its a waste to take their religion to the extreme

  7. Folston 7th period

    i think that we just Americans are nosie abd always want to go to forieng countries and see what they are doing and take what they have instead of asking for resources, if we always do that then qe won't always go to war with every country.

  8. Montagna 4th period

    i think that islam extremist has done so much to america since the 9/11 attack that we need to come up woth some kind of strategy to stop them or prevent them from doing anymore damage.

  9. Walsh 7th Period
    Our Groups Revised Policy(Cruz, Rodriguez, Labaze, Rainone, Walsh)

    Diplomacy- By having good relationships with other countries and being allies we can work with their Government, Intelligence agencies, Militaries and Special Forces to help us obtain knowldege of possible Islamic Extremist activity. By using other countries help we can potenitally learn of there wherabouts and stop them in their tracks or slow them down. We could offer counties aid in the form of funds or resources for their information. On the other side of that if we are giving a country aid and they are harboring terrorists we would withdraw our aid from them.

    Intelligence/Information- By the use of agencies such as the CIA we can try to track the wherabouts of Islamic Extremist plans, leaders, funds and other things. If we can send people to the inside of agencies to get intel that would help greatly. Other methods could be drone surveillance, satelleite feeds, cell phones, emails, and cameras. If we obtain information about safehouses or other places of importance we could conduct raids with special forces possibly working wuth local govt. By conducting these raids we would hopefully find information in the forms of paperwork, computers, cell phones etc..With information we can learn of plans of attacks or possible locations of Islamic Extremist leaders.

    Military- Our Military is instrumental in the stopping of Islamic Extremism. If we know of an Islamic Extremist cell operating out of a certain area we could use troops to kill the Extremists and collect intel from them. Our military could work with militaries of the countries they are operating out of to help with finding Islamic Extremists. In the process it could create an ally by the US working with the other country. An example of this would be the US and Afghani forces currently working together in Afghanistan. Our Military could use force such as drone strikes to destroy taliban safe houses, bunkers etc...By killing Islamic Extremists it will be harder for them to operate with fewer followers.

    Economy- If we can locate the source of where funds for Islamic EXtremists groups come from we can essentially stop the groups. Without funding there would be no bombs, guns, vehichles or anything else required to run a terrorist organization. Organizations like the CIA or FBI can try to trace money going overseas to banks and observe any suspicious transactions.

  10. Preet S.
    Period 7

    I believe that the United States should work with close allies to gather as much intelligence and information and track down some very big members of certain I.E groups. Also, I think we should hunt for big people in smaller terrorists groups at first so we could get leads on the bigger groups such as Al-Queda. Another big thing is to track the funds, if we could cut off the funds to these groups in could and quite possibly would ease the operation significantly.

    1. Good points and some specific recommendations.

  11. Quinton's Group 2nd period

    We believe that America relies to much on other countries. Giving us not much room to actually fulfill our plans and coming up with a treaty that makes these countries stop supporting this groups of extremists. We need to you can say grow up and use the resources that we have because all were actually doing is getting in debt and having these groups continue doing theirs stuff. Instead, our helping to better our country

  12. Diplomacy-we can see if we stop giving them funds. So they don't negotiate with al-Qeida and see to seek and agreement. try to reach out to them and get military action in there.
    Information- I believe that the United States should work with close allies to gather as much intelligence and information and track down some very big members of certain I.E groups. Also, I think we should hunt for big people in smaller terrorists groups at first so we could get leads on the bigger groups such as Al-Queda. Another big thing is to track the funds, if we could cut off the funds to these groups in could and quite possibly would ease the operation significantly.


    To further help reduce and get rid of islamic terrorist is by finding the fual source. they must be getting money and help from some place or person/country one that has been found out i believe using the operation used in previous wars is to suffocate the enemy drain them from there supplies and then take them out.

    Economic - We can use our economic power to negatively effect the Islamic Extermist. We can use or economic benefits such as our selective goods and try to bribe them off with money and with our global inluenfece. We should try to help them understand the meaning of our religious ideas and also we should take time to understand and be understudying to them and their views. We should try to reach out to them and encourage other countries and nations to be willing to pull together and show the extremist that possible war and further distraction will not help them nor us achieve our goals.

  13. period 2 team leader Leon
    - The U.S. should communicate more with Muslim leaders, and create a better relationship
    - Encounter more with Muslims and include them. Make them feel equal.

    - Media should negatively talk about Muslim extremists while talking positively about Muslims.
    - This will allow us to define the enemy
    - Make Muslims feel as if they're not being attacked
    - U.S. should leak personal information about the terrorists to ALL countries.

    Military and Security
    - Troops that are deployed should help innocent Muslims and not see them as the enemy. Also they should go after the Islamic extremist groups.

    - if a country isn't stopping the terrorists in their country, we should cut off our funding.