Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan 8 Unit NJROTC Change of Command

There is a change of command ceremony after school today.

Here is the new unit chain of command and staff positions:

Cadet CO: Cardenas
Cadet XO: Elguera
Cadet Company Chief: Gomez

1st PLT (Periods 1 and 7)      2d PLT (Periods 4 and 5)           3rd PLT (Periods 2 and 6)
Plt CDR: Umpierre                    Plt CDR:  Gonzalez                      Plt CDR: Ramos
Plt Sgt: Arias                             Plt Sgt: Leon                                Plt Sgt: Huerta

Class Leaders:                        Class Leaders:                            Class Leaders:
Walsh                                       Vacas                                           Sanchez
Q-H                                          Argenio                                        Monroe, Patel

Note: Class Leaders are also Squad Leaders as each class is half a Platoon.

Admin: Walker
Public Affairs:  Vacas / Harrison
Ops: Walsh / Argenio
Logistics: Perea / Assistants to be named

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