Thursday, October 17, 2013

When Was the Last Time You Heard a Reporter Offer a Balanced (Albeit Emotional) Perspective?

Current Affairs Update: We have talked about the Affordable Healthcare Act...the Debt Crisis...the Housing Crisis...the Debt Ceiling...considerable discussion in the media about what is wrong with our country and unfortunately depending upon the political slant of the particular news channel you will often hear the media blame one particular party or another. 

Word / Concept Bank:
Apolitical      News Media   Freedom of Speech    Fourth Estate  Press   Bias    Media Bias

Let's watch a video (with some biases of its own) that talks about the cost of Media Bias on our Elections: 

Classroom Activity / Associated Homework:

1. Form into three separate groups.

2. Watch the first video which is of a MSNBC media reporter getting emotional but voicing what appears to be a balanced perspective of blame towards both parties and the demand for the POTUS to step up and lead the country to start to fix this crisis.

3. Review & Discuss the Word / Concept Bank as a class.

4. Watch the second video on Media Bias which gives a look at how a CNN Reporter (typically viewed as a liberal reports about the Tea Party (grassroots ultra Conservative Republican party group).

5. Discuss your impressions as a group and your HOMEWORK is to make an individual blog entry (minimum of a paragraph) of your opinion whether or not you think their is bias in our news media? and why?

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