Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Back to Public Speaking and Reconnecting

Public Speaking is a critical skill for a Senator Cadet! Whether it is a big project classroom presentation, a job interview at McDonald's, an impromptu speech in English class, presenting your answer and thought process in Math class, or a chance meeting with someone important to your future. Those that can speak in a public setting (as listed above) in a clear well thought out manner with enthusiasm and confidence will stand out and be sought after by many organizations. The picture listed above is of a BMHS student giving a speech as a member of the Center For Youth Leadership (CYLF) at a public event with her state senator in attendance. 

Impromptu Speech

For today (Monday), you will be given the following task: 
Develop an impromptu speech about your "Big Idea" (your innovation project) that is 2 to 3 minutes in length.

You are not limited to but, cover the following areas in your speech

  • Describe your Big Idea
  • What effect does your Big Idea have on others?
Be prepared to give your speeches on Tuesday and the remainder on Wednesday which is uniform day. 


On Tuesday in class with the aid of a computer (class computer or BYOD/ Smart phone), show me a quality link on the Internet that is connected to you Big Idea.

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