Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Activities October 28 to November 1.

Monday and Tuesday: (Focus) Public Speaking. The assignment is to draft a 2 to 3 minute impromptu on the topic of their cadet innovation project (Big Idea Project). They are to rehearse the content of the speech to include the timing. They will give the speeches in class on Monday and finishing them on Tuesday.

Wednesday: (Focus) Uniform Inspection.  Senior Naval Science Instructor conducts a weekly personnel inspection assessing: appearance in uniform, cadet knowledge, and bearing. This event is a test where they receive a grade.

Thursday: (Focus)  Thinking About Associations: What People and Organizations and Areas of Interest are Related to their Big Idea Project. Prior to the development of a future research plan for their cadet innovation project, the students will be brainstorming what individuals, what organizations, and what other related areas of interest are related to their Big Idea Project. They will graphically depict this brainstorming session with a mindmap graphic. The intent is start to make associations with the people and organizations they can research to determine the potential to network with them in the future. Additionally, I want them to determine what associated areas or interest can be linked to their innovation concept for their project topic.

Friday: (Focus) Assessment of In Class Association Assignment and Initial Research Link. 
Instructor reviews student association brainstorming graphic and discusses student progress on their project at this point. They are also required to provide an on-line link that they have discovered in their initial research.

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