Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Did Your Group Get Done...? Camouflaged Socializing vs Getting Something Done

As we hear Ashton's words of wisdom, what do you think??? 

  • Do you need to be some other than you are to be successful?
  • Opportunity looks like Hard Work. (Agree or disagree)
  • Being SMART, THOUGHTFUL, and GENEROUS is what...?
  • Is your present state of productivity (getting your work done) the way it is?

What does the phrase WORK ETHIC mean? (Click on the hyperlink)

Think of what Ashton said in relation to the INDIVIDUAL work ethic of each of you during this assignment so far and the GROUP work ethic of your debate group. 

How would you describe your group's performance so far?

Period 2?
Period 4?
Period 6?
Period 7?


  1. Period 2's comments to the Question: What could your group have done to be more successful?

    The assignment wasn't hard but they didn't get it done. (Subliminal message they didn't care about it and they assumed they would get away with it...)
    Tasks were clearly defined, but disregarded because many didn't focus on them.
    We talked off topic a lot (too much socializing).
    A lack of productive communication.
    Use technology (email, phone numbers, blog to help us do work & collaborate 24 /7.
    Not everyone did research = not everyone did work.

  2. Period 4: Group Assessment on what they need to do to improve performance.

    No one was in charge.
    Performance changed when teacher walked out of the room...
    Didn't rehearse for time.
    Too much Socializing
    Not everyone worked equally

  3. Period 6: more effective group projects / working

    Need a determined start point.
    people stepped up to the tasks
    group teaching
    need to time information
    concept versus fact

    Rule Sets:
    form Groups
    Identify Task
    Task Organize IRT Tasks
    Form Subgroups
    Write An Outline for the Task
    Briefback to Tasker
    What products and tools do you use

  4. Are we supposed to comment on this?