Monday, October 21, 2013

Classroom Activities for Week of 21 to 25 October 2013

Monday: (Focus) Review the BMHS Schoolwide Rubric: Problem Solving / Critical Thinking / Innovation Rubric as a Tool To Guide You In Your Big Idea Project (STEM-S Innovation Project).

Using the BMHS developed schoolwide rubric for Problem Solving / Critical thinking / Innovation (Revision 6/2013) we discussed the use of this rubric to guide our (individual student and teacher) efforts in their year long Cadet Innovation Project (AKA Your Big Idea Project). We discussed the criteria and how the criteria would be sequenced during the project. We also discussed the assessment criteria (basic, developing, goal, exemplary) that they (the student) would use to assess themselves and that the teacher would use to assess to meet their Innovation project expectations.

Tuesday: (Focus)  Getting Connected: Technology Admin for Upperclassmen).

I will select three students to assist in administrative support technology functions required for students to use the class blog (Senator's Cadets) and conduct the higher level of research required for their innovation project. I use a number of Google applications so they need to be connected.

  • Station One: Collect Student email addresses to establish connectivity to them
  • Station Two and Three: Assisting their registration to classroom blog as a member, having them make a test post (comment), and downloading the free App Blogger to their smartphones since we use them in class (BYOD) as additional computers. 
  • Find a quality secondary source from the Internet that pertains to your Innovation project. 

Wednesday (Short Day): (Focus) Uniform Inspection.  Senior Naval Science Instructor conducts a weekly personnel inspection assessing: appearance in uniform, cadet knowledge, and bearing. This event is a test where they receive a grade.

Thursday: (Focus) Welcome Back NJROTC Video and Military Ball Brief. The Commander of Naval Service Training Command and a Powerpoint Brief for our annual Military Ball.
  • Welcome Back NJROTC Video: CDR, NSTC welcomes cadets back and talks about the expectations for cadets in our citizen development program to set the example and discussions on avoiding substance abuse, hazing and bullying, sexual harassment and assault prevention, proper conduct and behavior, and safety in the form of Operational Risk Management (ORM).

  • Military Ball Brief: Educate the cadets about our annual event

Friday: (Focus) Stretching for Stress Management and Team Communication Drill.

Stretching: Due to the weather there will be no outdoor activity, but we will conduct a student led group stretch for the purposes of maintaining flexibility and as a form of stress management.

Team Communication Drill: Each class is broken down into 3 person teams. They participate in a competitive air hockey competition where it is single elimination. Two team members (as observers) direct the third team member who is blind folded to play the game. They are interdependent of one another and need to function as a team to be effective. After a winner is announced, then we conduct a group debrief discussion on the whiteboard. (See picture below)

Safety Brief for the weekend.

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