Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What is Going On With Our Government???

What is Going On with our Government...?  Debt Ceiling...Debt Crisis....? Sequestration....Obama-care...Housing Bubble...Hedge Funds....Unemployment and Underemployment....

WORD / CONCEPT BANK: Lets discuss what some of these terms mean

3 Branches of Govt          3 Levels of Govt      Budget     Debt     Deficit     Taxes     
Types of Taxes     Politics     Healthcare    Insurance Companies   Premiums   Uninsured  Underinsured   Pre-exisitng medical condition     

Question: How do people pay for Healthcare? (Use salary or receive a job benefit)

Lets take a look at this thing they call the Debt limit...

Now lets look at Affordable Healthcare or Obama Care...

Now lets take a look at the federal government shutdown...

This video is the stereotypical "Its politics and its boring and I am sure it will just get fixed..."

This video is a more balanced overview: See how it impacts on a family...?

Final Comment:  One of the reasons the citizenry of America are in this situation is because many Americans remain uninformed about what the government they elected is doing or not doing. If individual citizens take a "what is in it for me" attitude instead of "what is best for our country" attitude than this problem will continue to get worse until our country's stability is further eroded. This attitude can manifest itself in the politicians who represent us at the local, state, and federal level. If a politician supports and votes for issues primarily because of "what is best for my political party" instead of "what is best for our country" this will accelerate our national issues at home and abroad. 

Homework: For tonight

1. Watch the Affordable Healthcare Video (9 minutes) with an Adult in your House and Discuss its impact on you.

2. Make a blog entry in the comment section (at end) of this posting that captures the main point of your discussion at home about the video. (Include what period you are in and first name only).  


  1. Make the comment here: Write your class period and first name in the beginning of your post!!!!

  2. 4th Period
    Brendan Walsh

    Me and my dad feel that the Affordable Healthcare Act will have a negative impact on our family. With this new plan more money will end up coming out of our pockets to pay for those who are not currently paying for healthcare. We will have to pay more money through premiums in healthcare or our taxes.

    We also feel that the federal government should not be forcing implementation on everyone. Especially because congress does not have to follow this act. They make it out to be great yet they won't be using this healthcare.

    1. Having a directive all encompassing law that will change our economy without the proper analysis is all but irresponsible.

  3. 4th Period

    My parents and I feel that this is a very beneficial reform law for the people that do not have health coverage. If we did not have insurance, we would be really excited for this new reform law. It gives people the opportunity to get medical care they could not afford before. On the other side, we do have insurance and we don't feel like it is right that we have to pay into a plan to cover for someone else's insurance.

    1. Brice Muldoon 4th period

      The affordable health care act impacts my family in a positive way. It will make it much easier for my family to afford thing like dentist checkups or visits to the doctor, but where it really makes a difference in my life is help my Aunt who has cancer get the medical treatment that she needs while keeping the bills down. I don't think she should be worrying about financial problems while going through this so it would help her alot.

  4. 6th period
    Justin Folston

    One way this video affects me is that I think that this country is moving towards a communist state and a dictatorship by, forcing Americans to buy health insurance by a certain date or pay a fine. I feel that the small insurance company will not be able to compete and will be forced to go out of business. Lastly how would those who income is not low enough to get free government insurance and not high enough to afford it on their own. Those people will be forced to pay a penalty until their income falls below poverty. What is America coming to? Have we lost our sense of direction. The middle class people always get hit the worse.

  5. 6th Period

    The conversation I had with my dad last night about the video was kind of interesting. My dad told me a lot about the history of health care in this country and how things have changed over the years. Anyways, I think the plan the democrats have in store is going to help many families and independent people. I think that all this falls on the republicans not wanting to lose this battle to the democrats. One really interesting thing about this whole situation is that the "Obama Care" reform was a republican idea, which was in effect in the state of Massachusetts while Mitt Romney was governor.

  6. period 4
    Nicolas González

    Me and my parents think that the Obama care is good because the people who cant afford it can benefit for it, but in the other hand its making companies and other people who can afford it pay for the ones who cant. If that's not enough there are many more ideas that can help reduce the debt. in 2024 more than 2/4 of USA will be covered

  7. Deshawn Surgeon
    My mother and I support Obama Care because people from different countries with no insurance should have the rights to be properly medicated and given insurance, also not to mention the (UNWEALTHY) people in this country who cant pay there health insurance bill.....

  8. Dhruvil Shah
    Period 4
    Me and my dad are neutral on this topic. My dad thinks that even though this health care plan will benefit people without plans and help make it a safer nation it will put strain on insurance companies and providers. My dad is a business owner so it would be harder for him to provide insurance for all his employees. But the good part we both see is our family can get covered if we need to get better insurance. Also we can get it in a time of need and it can help our family be safer if anything ever happens. My dad says that it will cost money in this economy but it is for the good of yourself and all the people.

  9. Johanna Arias
    Period 4
    Me and my mother agree with the health care act because it sounds like a lot of benefits but we are always aware that the lower income class always ends up paying for it to be funded with their taxes or as Brendan said premiums in our health care. This doesn't affect us because we have always had health insurance.

  10. Dillon Q-H Period 7
    Me and my mom both agree that we see the benifits and dissadvantages to the new obamacare law. My mom brought up the point that even though higher income citizens will pay higher taxes, what happens to the middle income workes. Families that have parents that work in doctor's offices and hospitals will not be getting 100% coverage with there health insurance. This can pose many problems for the tax payers in the house hold because in turn they are basically paying for coverage that they aren't even recieving.