Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You Saw Coach Boone and the Titans Do It - How Can You Increase Cadet Involvement

We watched Remember The Titans from the perspective of observing two separate groups that were not committed to work together and were not involved with each others transformation. 

Link to Previous Activities: You were required to take notes as you observed the film on techniques or procedures the leaders and followers used to influence and shape the two group's transformation into one group. 

Organization: We will form into the same groups as yesterday and develop a group list to accomplish the following task:

Task: Provide a Group List of Specific Ideas on how to improve Cadet involvement in the NJROTC program. 

  • Be specific: for example if a student suggests more challenging activities that is too vague. Provide some specific challenges you feel cadets would want to be involved in. 
Product turned in: Group Leaders will provide a group list of your suggestions to the NSI at the end of the class. 

Purpose for Activity: As we start the new school year, I want to harvest your ideas to incorporate into the program this year. 

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