Monday, September 8, 2014

Remember The Titans...with a Twist

We have watched Remember The Titans in the past, this year we will view it from a different symbolic viewpoint. One of the major themes in this movie is the racial divide between this community and the school. The time period of the film is when this Virginia community was participating in desegregation by merging two schools originally attended by two separate racial groups. I want you to substitute the issue of racism for the issue of commitment and involvement in the NJROTC program. Each group in the film will now symbolize cadets who are committed and involved in the program in contrast to cadets who are not committed and involved in the program. How did the coaches bring these two groups together? How can you as a cadet leader influence and lead  un-involved or committed cadets to get involved and become committed to JROTC. What can we learn from this film and the example of the leaders (coaches, team captains, etc.)?   

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