Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drill with Drill Rifles

One of the suggestions for improving cadet involvement in our Navy JROTC program is to conduct more rifle drill in class. The above short 5 minute video is a Navy JROTC unit conducting a portion of an Armed Drill routine. We will be conducting platoon unarmed and armed drill as a class period this year based on the cadet suggestion. In the past we focused on the after school drill teams while conducting drill during class periods but not with as much emphasis, we will change our focus. What that means to your class period is each individual cadet needs to focus and put more effort into drill than perhaps they did in the past. Your class period's ability to conduct both unarmed and armed drill is a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound) NJROTC goal for each of you. Our goal will be to conduct the platoon drill card for the Bethel Drill Meet by the end of the first Marking Period. 

Class Activity: You will draw drill rifles and a class leader will be designated to go through the basics of individual armed drill. 

Fall In.
Position of Attention.
Dress Right Dress.
Right, Left, and About Face.
Parade Rest and Rest.
Port Arms.
Mark Time March.
Forward March
To The Rear March.

Overview of Manual of Arms: :

  • Do's and Don'ts of carrying a Drill rifle
    • Professionalism, Maturity, and Safety
  • Order Arms
  • Port Arms
  • Right Shoulder / Left Shoulder Arms
  • Present Arms

Individual Areas of Focus When Performing Armed Drill:
Rifle positioning: placement of the hands, distance of rifle from your body, elbow placement, etc.


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  1. Upperclassmen Platoon Drill Card: First Unarmed (ground drill rifles), then Armed
    Platoon, Fall In / Dress Right Dress / Ready Front / Cover
    At Ease
    Platoon, Attention
    Right Face
    Left Face
    About Face
    About Face
    Parade Rest
    Platoon, Attention
    Port Arms
    Mark Time March
    If time and skill allows:
    Right Face
    Forward March
    To The Rear March