Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let's knock the Rust off and do some drill!!!!

We have had enough talk in class, so let's get out of our desks and conduct some drill. Drill is a great mechanism for accomplishing a number of things:

  • Move people from one area to another in an orderly fashion
  • Allow everyone to work on self discipline, attention to detail, and bearing.
  • Demonstrate technical precision while responding to commands
  • Reinforce followership and leadership (Does the leader give the proper commands at the right time and do the followers execute the proper movements at the proper time?)

You will pair off into teams or small groups and start to practice: 

  • Position of Attention
  • Facing Movements
  • Mark Time March and Halt.
  • Marching and To the Rear March.
  • Column Movements and Flanking Movements
  • Squad Drill
  • Platoon Drill.
Let us see how this goes...?

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