Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is Your Philosophy for Success?

Dan Millman poster quote - Willpower is the key to success. successful people strive.. - Success quotes

We just finished a Memorial Day module, where our goal was to learn about a service-member so we could learn about the person not just the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine. They gave their lives so that you could have a choice on how you will live yours. Besides bearing witness, how do you honor the sacrifice they made for you...? 

Admiral McCraven shared his 10 lessons from SEAL training to be successful and have an impact on the world. This is a good foundation for this classroom assignment.

Classroom activity:

A. Individual ActivityTake out a piece of paper and reflect upon and answer two questions.

Question 1. What is your Philosophy for Success?

Question 2. What Do you expect from your Generation?

B. Group Activity: Teacher organizes you into three small discussion groups and designates a group leader for each. The group leader will facilitate each student sharing their responses per question with the group. Once they are done sharing their individual perspectives, they will develop a group collective response to those questions and the group leader will write those collective responses on the back of their sheet. 

C. Class Activity: We will reform as a class and develop a classroom collective response and write it on the whiteboard. Teacher will take a picture of the graphic using a smart phone to capture class end product. 

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