Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19 (Mon): Second Battle of Fallujah

Today, you will watch a video in class about Operation Phantom Fury. Each class period (see below) will be responsible for building one Three fold poster board by Thursday (to rehearse) about an aspect of the battle:

Period 2: The Enemy Forces in Fallujah
Period 4:  Overview of the Battle 
Period 6:  Friendly Forces
Period 7:  Challenges in Fighting in an Urban Battle

Here is the video to watch in class. Take notes on paper and add them to your research notes on the Google Doc when you can on your own time. 

Some of this footage may be too graphic, so if you feel uncomfortable let the teacher know and you will be excused. 

Tomorrow you will be given the names of the US Serviceman you will bear witness too. 

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