Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 21 (Wed): Second Battle of Fallujah

3/5 in Falujah

You are two days away from the JROTC Cadet presentations in the Auditorium for Friday the 23 of May from Period 2 to Period 7. Everyone knows what is expected but let's review:

Period 2,4,6, and 7 Posterboard assignments. Poster boards need to be completed by Thursday. These products should be stand alone projects for visitors to read and learn. Chief Pascoe and Mr. Osinoyle will determine where the 4 poster boards will be placed in the Auditorium. Senior's posterboards need to be finished in class on Thursday

Individual Witness Assignments: You need to have two 8 X 12 papers (one is a head shot photo [preferably color] or an individual picture and the other are facts about this Marine or Soldier who died in Op Phantom Fury.) Your job is to make that person KIA to come alive through your presentation. If for some reason you are challenged to find information about the Marine assigned, then look up casualty names for Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah and finish the assignment. 

Thursday needs to be a rehearsal of your presentations in class. 

Friday during period 1 cadets need to ensure the poster boards and two 8X12 papers need to be brought to JROTC classroom period one. On Friday Period 1 is Set Up and Period 8 is Clean Up. 

  • Class Leaders make recommendations to Chief and Mr. Osinoyle about what cadets should cover what periods in the auditorium on Friday.
  • Cadet Co and XO
    • Set up a cadet accountability system for Friday and review with Chief Pascoe. 
    • Any cadets showing a trend for lacking maturity or who did not satisfactorily complete the assignment will not participate (Chief and Mr. O have final say). 
    • Ensure Chief Pascoe sends Building Exempt email to Attendance. Have him put this on School Teacher Bulletin. 
Remember, these Americans who died during this battle rate your professional time, attention, and respect.

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