Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Student Wordle To Success Speeches

Aristotle Quote
Student Feedback to Student Success

Click on the Above Link to see the Student "Wordle" graphic taken from the student speeches about what decisions and associated actions did they need to make to be successful....

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  1. Success is a different view point to everyone some people see success as hardwork with a big pay off, and some see success as a little hardwork with a big pay off, success can only be defined as doing things that others wont do, working harder than the average man. Success is a key tool in life, it motivates you and others to be great. Key steps for me being successful, are being driven, determined, and dedicated to whatever I do in life. I dont really have a dream but my goal in life is to be great and inspire others and help show what work ethnic can produce. Not everyone is made for success simply because some are lazy and don't want to work for it.